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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

nails inc langham street fine sprinkles collection

Well ladies and gentlemen i am back.  I was meaning to post these yesterday but i took so many photos, it took me a while upload them all and sort through.  My daughter is at school and after a week off work my husband is back...meaning i have the time to get cracking on some posts! 

I nabbed these beauties from QVC when they had an hour slot on TV last week...i had to have them! When mu lovely postman came bearing gifts ii had to immediately try them all!!  On the TV i actually thought this one was going to be my clear favourite...i do really like it don't get me wrong but i found this to be the most unflattering on me and needed 3 coats, not to make it opaque because its quite an opaque polish, but because it took three coats to even out the surface of the nail. 

As i say after three coats it levelled out OK.  I guess if i was being over critical i would have liked the shimmer in this to translate from the bottle to the nail better, because in the bottle the shimmer is insane...on the nail...not so much.

My camera didnt really pick up the colour very acurately, it is a really soft gold colour base with white sparkleless glitter.  This dries matte so a topcoat does bring the sparkle back...just not as much as i had hope.  I think the white glitter dulls the gold to be honest :(

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