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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

30 day nails..orly royal navy

I am going to do this post nice and early, because i have a few other blogs i want to post today, so here is my entry for the 30 day challenge.  I am using orly royal navy for today's posting.  I must just say how much i am enjoying doing this challenge, it is making me try some of the stacks of polish i own that is sadly tucked away.

I am a blue freak..i adore a good blue and i was waiting for day 5 when i could pick this one up and wear it for at least a day!  OMG i cant believe this hasn't really seen the light of day!  It is so bright and colourful i am in instant awe of it, this is certainly one beautiful polish!  This borders on the side of neon to me, it is so bright and dries to a kind of matte finish which makes me think neon pigment was used.  In the daylight this is a complete knockout, and if you look carefully there is added tinsy weeny greeny golden glitter.  To look at it straight away the glitter isn't right away in your face there, but when the sunlight hits it, you can definitely see its there!  I adore this and will for sure be wearing it again.  i will just say though it was kinda sheer, i needed 4 coats to get an even coverage and even then i had a VNL, but its OK to me! 

To add a little extra to this polish, i added some gold bold stripes to the ring and thumb finger..i used Deborah Lippmann nefertiti for this.  Hope you guys like! have a great day xxx

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