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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Eeeek Models Own Bottle shop at Bluewater Kent...Mimi meets the polish crew!

I am here today with a huge pic fest of loveliness for you good people, this is a post with a difference tonight and one which I am so excited to bring you.  A Models Own bottle shop is now a permanent feature to one of my favourite places ever...Bluewater shopping centre.  I was honoured to meet the lovely staff and have a good old natter about my passion...polish, and I have captured my little adventure on camera for you guys to see!

So lets first start with the awesome Perspex bottle full of coloured goodness sure to make any nail polish enthusiast gasp with excitement!  I love love love the whole idea of this bottle shop, the shape is wicked, the layout is awesome and I'm loving the bright vibrant young feel the pink trim brings.  Overall yup, the shop sure looks inviting.

Now we move onto the loveliest girlies I have had the pleasure of meeting.  I'm sure we have all been there, you walk into a store full of ladies who make you feel a Little out of place, uncomfortable isn't a nice feeling is it? well you have no worries here.  I observed each of the staff here offering smiles and plenty of advice, all with an attitude showing  they wanted to actually be there....a rare find these days as I find a good portion of shop assistants cant force a smile!..lets meet them!

Here is the lovely lovely Sarah, a truly smiley and friendly girlie who I think is just perfect to work in such an environment.  I chatted to Sarah for a while a few days ago and think I have found someone finally who shares a passion for polish.  Sarah spoke of her love of working here and within the beauty industry....a credit to Models Own!

Next we have the adorable Aimee.  Again I have to say I saw this girlie do nothing but smile!  Whilst I watched her polish a special little girls nails I saw her interaction with her and it made me smile, she has my vote!
The lovely Amiee is the brunette here xx

Lastly we have Becki.  I have to say she has awesome tattoos!!!! wow they are something to look at by themselves!  Another smiler who was nothing but friendly and helpful to myself and the customers alike!

So now I am going to bombard you with pics of what is on offer here.....tons!

And if this wasn't enough if you fancy trying out a colour these gorgeous girls will do a free paint job for whats not to love?! 

I loved spending some time with the models own girls today and I truly thank them for allowing me be so snap happy around them.  I highly suggest you visit this gem of a shop....I am now going to be a regular!


  1. This looks really great. You even managed to snap one of my friends in the background of one of your pictures. She was on one of her "rare" trips to Bluewater.

    1. LOL!!!!!! that is so funny!!!! I love bluewater so much to!! you must have a look at the shop, it is so cool! xxxx

  2. Oh my wonderful Mimi!!! This shop is just a heaven of polish!! You took some awesome photos!! I now what to go there and live in their shop. I envy you my angel...what a fun experience. Love you and miss you!!! <3 <3 xxxxxxx

    1. it is indeed heaven my lovely lovely patty! I had so much fun doing this, the staff were so lovely to me! I love and miss you to my beautiful angel xxxx