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Art Corner!

Hello my polished lovlies, i hope you are well and happy. I have decided to add an art corner to my blog. This is where i am going to add all of my nail art i do, things i like and hopefully your efforts to!! i wont be doing my usual rambling as i do in my posts...just good old pictures. If you are interested in your picture being shown here then please do get in touch with me via email I hope you enjoy this goes......

my whatever this is mani

neon abstract


Cinderella nails

snow white

peter pan

nails inc hearts

leather polka and studs

flowers meets lightning!


  1. WOW. Mimi!! What a Beautiful collage of your mani's!!! You put so much work into every detail and it shows! Just gorgeous and Stunning!!

    1. Ahhhh Allison thank you so much for having a little peek, it is a great way to keep everything i have done together, im looking forward to adding much more to this...stay tuned xxxxx

  2. absolutely stunning pieces of nail art! each one is fabulously detailed colourful and very artistic indeed.:)