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In this little part of my blog i am very excited to dedicate it to tutorials.  To be honest i wouldnt have really thought to do this just yet, but i had a request from a lovely lady to do  a tutorial for the shoe lace nails i did, and I'm also doing the 30 day challenge which will involve a tutorial at the end, so it's perfect to do this.....Lets kick this off with the shoe lace nails.

Step 1....paint nails to the desired base colour,  i used a classic white..OPI Alpine Snow and a coat of Girly bits January morning for a little shimmer

Step 2....Using a black striper pen draw 2 vertical lines down the side of the nail...sweep it round the cuticle area, taking care to leave a small gap, so not to flood the cuticle, then make another line coming up the  side wall area (again, be sure to leave a small gap so polish doesn't flood).

Step 3.....fill in between the black lines with black paint, i used china glaze liquid leather.  Be sure to 'tuck in' the black polish over the edge of the nail, so when you look down the barrel you see the split of black, white and black polish.

Step 4....with your black striper pen draw good sized crosses down the middle of the nail...i chose to do 3 crosses, you can do more if you wish.

Step 5....using dotting tool, place your white 'hole' directly where the join of the laces would be. Using your black striper pen gently sweep the black round the  cuticle to join the black.

Step 6....Clean dotting tool, and with black paint (or your striper pen) place a very small amount of polish directly in the centre of the white.

Step 7....clean up any excess paint where needed
Step 8...when  the nail is dried, apply a shiny topcoat

Now you are done, with funky shoe lace nails to show off.  Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.  If you do attempt this please feel free to send me your pics, i would love to see them.  Also if you have any other requests then let me know xx

UPDATE....we have a lovely lady, Mellisa,  that has followed this tutorial and has done a wondeful job,  see it here