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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mimi needs U!!!!

Hey my loves!! Ok, I am here to ask you a HUGE favour!!  As you know I was selected by the awesome piCture pOlish to take part in the amazing blog fest.  The winners of this amazing competition get to collaborate with PP to create a new shade!!

To say I am excited would be an understatement!  We have some amazing entries this year so competition is stiff...which my friends is where you come in.  PLEASE could I ask you to give me your vote?  I would be so greatful to you.  All you need to do is pop along to the launch board and like my mani. 

Thank you so much, any vote is so much appreciated!

Monday, 29 July 2013

PiCture POlish Blog Fest 2013!! Year of the blogger Jealousy, CoralReef and Aphrodisiac

Eeeek...its here.....PiCture POlishes Blog Fest and I am thrilled to be taking part!!  I have one mammoth post for you lovely peeps today, including some excellent shades AND a tutorial on the nail art I came up with. 

I must just say a quick thank you to the awesome ladies at PiCture POlish for allowing me to be part of the year of the blogger challenge.  Even though it was hard and  I racked my brains to think of a worthy nail art creation, I am eventually pleased at what I came up with! We were challenged to come up with our best nail art creation using the shades sent to us by PP.

First I thought I would show the shades I got sent to do a mani with.  They are as follows... Aphrodisiac....This is a stunning deep purple creme....obscenely opaque and equally obscenely pretty...Love it! 

Coral Reef....ahhhhh this is just so pretty and girly.  This is a lovely soft coral creme with undertones of pink. Stunning!

Jealousy.....yep everyone sure will be jealous when you are sporting this baby.  I really love this one.  Considering this is a glitter it is so opaque, no need for undies here..i only needed 2 coats!

So onto the nail art.  I really wanted to do a tribal theme for this challenge.  I thought I was provided with the perfect shades for this...and here it is, ta dah!

I really hope you guys like it...fancy recreating it? well here is my little tutorial on how I did it...I mixed up the colours a bit to show you how versatile these colours are.

Step 1. On a clean nail paint 2 side triangles next to each other
Step 2. Fill in the 2 triangles with the purple.
Step 3. Fill in a contrasting colour on the opposite side (I chose Coral Reef)
Step 4. Fill in the remainder on the nail with another contrasting colour (jealousy)
Step 5. With Coral Reef paint a further 2 triangles in the purple triangles.
Step 6. With aphrodisiac touch up the lines of the coral and green, adding a thin line near the cuticle to create a more neat and interesting design.
Step 7. Apply topcoat.

For the Middle finger I varied the design a is how I did it

Step 1. With aphrodisiac paint a zig zag down the nail.
Step 2. With the Coral Reef outline the purple.
Step 3. With jealousy outline the coral.
Step 4.  With aphrodisiac fill in the rest of the bare nail.
Step 5.  Topcoat!

And there you have it!  I would LOVE to see anybody Else's version of please do show if you try them!  PiCture POlish is an awesome brand, I genuinely love every one I have tried.  So get yourselves over to their fab website and get ready to drool...find the website here or you can visit their networking page here and if that wasn't enough here are some other ways you can check out this fab brand!
Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram and lastly You Tube

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A match made in heaven, Chanel Bel-Argus and Azure Gradient

Hey Chikkas!  Hope you are all having an awesome Saturday! 

Today I am showing you guys a couple of polishes I have previously reviewed on the blog before, the difference being I used  them together as a gradient....ohhhh la la they are perfect together!

Bel-Argus and Azure both captured my heart when I saw them on sale and I knew I had to have them, separately they are stunning...together they are perfection!

My daughter wanted her hair dip dyed so we did it with a turquoise, light blue and dark blue, when she said she wanted her nails done to match, these were the two colours I used.  I loved them so much on her I decided to do it on myself to!

I added a touch of golden glamour by adding a touch of L'Oreal Gold Lurex glitter to the ends....LOVE this...what do you guys think?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Nails Inc Beaded Polish Chancery Lane

Hello my lovelies!!!  I thought I would share with you guys a find of mine whilst out shopping, in the form of Nails Inc Chancery Lane.  This is their new beaded line of polishes.  I had the choice of the off white colour which I am unsure of what it is called and this bad boy.
 Now I would naturally gravitate towards this particular one as it has the Baker Street feel to the base colour, always a winner. 

I am hard pressed to come to a conclusion whether I adore this polish or dislike it.  I love the 'beads' which offer a 3d effect, and the sparkle it gives in the right lighting.  I wasn't sold on the formula which I found didn't spread easily over the nail at all.  I know this is supposed to be a textured polish.....buuuuuut, I didn't love  the bulky feel of this polish.  This is definitely the most textured polish I own.

IMO if you have longer nails then you can get away with this kind of polish, ladies with shorter nails may find this just to bulky for diddy fingers.  I would also say a neat application is a MUST with this polish or you may find your manicure looks overly messy.
nails inc beaded polish chancery lane blue polish

Dry time was good with this polish.  So would I invest in more? I'm afraid not.  Whilst the colour is stunning and the sparkle pretty I just don't like the overall feel to this one. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Madly neon clash! Models Own Neons!

Hey guys!  Well here I am!  Things have been so hectic here at the moment hence why I haven't been posting as often....I am vowing to try and post more, with some great posts lined up, so stay tuned!
models own pink green yellow purple opi alpine snow white

Today I am showing you my daughters neon clash creation.  This wasn't what she had originally wanted but I just let this one run and it turned out really quite cute and quirky!

I sponged the different Models Own Neons over Opi Alpine Snow and topped it off with some Seche Vite.

Awwwww I do love my girlie so much, don't she take an awesome picture?!  As i say, stay tuned because i have some Hare Polish, Enchanted Polish, The new Nails Inc Beaded polish, Nails Inc green leather and some Emily De Molly coming up!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Eeeek Models Own Bottle shop at Bluewater Kent...Mimi meets the polish crew!

I am here today with a huge pic fest of loveliness for you good people, this is a post with a difference tonight and one which I am so excited to bring you.  A Models Own bottle shop is now a permanent feature to one of my favourite places ever...Bluewater shopping centre.  I was honoured to meet the lovely staff and have a good old natter about my passion...polish, and I have captured my little adventure on camera for you guys to see!

So lets first start with the awesome Perspex bottle full of coloured goodness sure to make any nail polish enthusiast gasp with excitement!  I love love love the whole idea of this bottle shop, the shape is wicked, the layout is awesome and I'm loving the bright vibrant young feel the pink trim brings.  Overall yup, the shop sure looks inviting.

Now we move onto the loveliest girlies I have had the pleasure of meeting.  I'm sure we have all been there, you walk into a store full of ladies who make you feel a Little out of place, uncomfortable isn't a nice feeling is it? well you have no worries here.  I observed each of the staff here offering smiles and plenty of advice, all with an attitude showing  they wanted to actually be there....a rare find these days as I find a good portion of shop assistants cant force a smile!..lets meet them!

Here is the lovely lovely Sarah, a truly smiley and friendly girlie who I think is just perfect to work in such an environment.  I chatted to Sarah for a while a few days ago and think I have found someone finally who shares a passion for polish.  Sarah spoke of her love of working here and within the beauty industry....a credit to Models Own!

Next we have the adorable Aimee.  Again I have to say I saw this girlie do nothing but smile!  Whilst I watched her polish a special little girls nails I saw her interaction with her and it made me smile, she has my vote!
The lovely Amiee is the brunette here xx

Lastly we have Becki.  I have to say she has awesome tattoos!!!! wow they are something to look at by themselves!  Another smiler who was nothing but friendly and helpful to myself and the customers alike!

So now I am going to bombard you with pics of what is on offer here.....tons!

And if this wasn't enough if you fancy trying out a colour these gorgeous girls will do a free paint job for whats not to love?! 

I loved spending some time with the models own girls today and I truly thank them for allowing me be so snap happy around them.  I highly suggest you visit this gem of a shop....I am now going to be a regular!