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Friday, 28 February 2014

Shellac Tropix and Additives mix

Another quickie for you.  I thought I would pop on some CND Shellac in Tropix.  As you can see this is a really pretty colour, a beautiful vibrant coral, which I adore.....I am loving coral at the moment!!

But me being me, I needed to spice things up a bit, sooooooo I decided to have a little play with my additives.  I am loving this so much, its fun and funky. 

I used for the design additves in bright red, medium green, midnight tide, black and haute pink.  These are all CND.  Once I top coated I added a very thin layer of china Glaze fairy dust for added sparkle.

Random nail art, snake skin....ish? IBD Fancy Fingers

I thought I would show you a bit of an accident manicure I did.  I went to the professional beauty show in London last weekend and wanted to jazz my nails up a bit. 

Well this wasn't exactly the thing I wanted to do at all but the more I played the more annoyed I was getting so I decided to just abandon ship and go to bed.

As it turned out they wernt to bad, some people at the show even thought they were nail wraps so I guess they were OK.  This isn't a design I would do again on myself though, its a bit 'out there' for me to wear as a whole manicure lol. I used for this manicure IBD Gel Polish in Fancy fingers and for the art I used OPI Eurso Euro and the black was just a regular nail art pen!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

French Dotty Madness done in gel polish

I know....twice in one day, im good arnt I?! lol

So my polish collection is ever growing and as stated I want to branch out with gel polish.  I am kind of a self confessed newbie to gels but I must admit I am loving them....but maaaan I miss doing my nail art like I used to do.

Whilst this is not on the same par as the detailed work I have done with acrylic paints, this is a doable design I can offer to clients and its done using gel polish.

I was asked to do a funky design and this is where the manicure ended up.  These pictures were taken almost one week after I did them and as you can see they are still perfect, this pleases me!!

I used for this manicure....Red Carpet Manicure, I simply love your nails, Red Carpet Manicure Black Stretch Limo and Gellux Purely White.

Red Carpet Manicure....And The Winner is......

Hello my lovelies!!  Hope this Thursday morning sees you all well and good.  Today I am showing you my manicure I did with the new love of my life, Red Carpet Manicure gel polish.

I am wearing, And The Winner Is?.... and yep, I can confirm it is indeed a winner.  I bloody love this polish, it is so flattering and pretty, even on a crappy cloudy miserable day like today I have had no trouble capturing the sparkle that encases this polish!

It is stunning rich teal in colour with a beautiful added shimmer to add depth to the colour.  Love it!

I used 3 coats for these shots, and whilst I don't mind a slight VNL for those wanting complete coverage might want to layer this over a black base...also I'm guessing that would add even more depth to this polish as well as stretching the bottle a bit further.

I will also add these pictures have been taken after SEVEN days of wear...see I have no lifting, no chipping, no tip wear and they are still smooth and shiny!  I really am in love with this only criticism is I wish the bottles were bigger and our retailers here had more colours in stock! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Upcoming Floral Nails Inc collection

Annnd hot off the press I have a sneaky pic of the new Nails Inc floral collection. 
The colour line up is from left to right: Daisy Lane, Floral Street Mews, Queensgate Gardens and Richmond Gardens.

I must say I have my beady eyes on at least, let me see....all of these!!! I am pretty excited to see something a little different sneaking its way onto the market as I am kind of over the whole texture sands and usual boring seasonal colours I end up with every year purely because they are new, then I have dupes all over the show!

These will be hitting the shops in early April and will be £12 get me saving!

Red Carpet Manicure Star Power

Hey guys!!! my apologies for my inconsistency in posting recently.  I have been working on improving on my acrylics because this year I plan on making Mimi Manicures my profession so I have had to sacrifice computer time for real life for the moment....I will get there and be back to posting more often....fingers crossed lol!

But for the time being I am throwing this one o But there for you guys to see.  I am soooo tired of this winter we are having, it is so long and so bloody gloomy here in the UK, I NEED some sunshine!  My holiday cant come soon enough, but that's not until August, soooooo, I decided to opt for an ultra girly and super bright manicure....and here I give you Star Power.

Man I love this!!!  As  I said I want to take Mimi Manicures mobile soon so I have been focusing on building my gel polish collection.  I saw this particular one on a lovely girlie from my local sallys and knew I needed this!!

This was 3 thin coats, each cured under an LED lamp for 30 seconds, as well as using the prep, structure and brilliance base and top coat.  I have to say I am damn impressed!!  My nails have an almost plastic feel to them, and not in an annoying sense either, I cant stop feeling my nail plate lol.  They are super shiny, smooth and just pretty, making at least something bright and beautiful in this horrid winter! 

I will say the colour on the bottle does seem more neon pink than the actual colour turns out to be on the nail, but to be honest I prefer the colour it turns out on the nail!  It takes on almost a darker neon pink with red tones to me.  In any case, I am in love with this one.  Bring on the summer  say!