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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hare Polish Hooky At The Hamlet

Hello loves, how are you all today? I love me a little Sunday action...and with action I mean swatching (dirty dirty minds! lol) Today I am going to show you the most hilariously named polishes, Hooky At The Hamlet by Hare Polish.
This polish is one I wanted for a while but passed the first stock up, then it sold right out...which made me want it even more (typical!).  A great friend of  mine Patty from Once Bitten Nails had a little whisper to me saying Llarowe had added inventory.....then it was mine (evil laugh!)
So HATH is a stunningly unique bright sea green jelly.  There is a beautiful sky blue shimmer to this polish that cant be picked up by my little camera but trust me it is there, along with various sized white matte glitters.
Formula was a tad thick, but workable.  I wish I would have layered this over a similar base colour as after 3 coats it still wasn't as opaque as I would have liked.  The glitters dispersed lovely on the first coat but tended to drag towards the end of the nail on the second coat.  No biggie, I just went over and dabbed a little where needed. 
I do really love this polish, it is unique and super on trend as greens are everywhere right now. Its a shame I am finding that a lot of my Hares require some sort of 'work' to apply them, however they are still a brand that I get seriously excited about when I see a new release!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Broken heart cardiac nail art

Hey my lovelies.  I am going to show you a quick post before I move away from my laptop to do some tangled nail art...wish me luck as this is going to be the hardest one yet for me! 

My daughter had a non uniform day at school to support cardiac awareness in schools.

Needless to say she come to me with a very specific idea that I looooooved! 

She received lots of compliments on these nails, she was pleased with them so I was happy. 

I hope you guys are well this Friday xxxx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Disney Lion King Nail Art

Holy moses I cant believe I forgot that this challenge was today!  Im afraid this is going to be a short post for you guys tonight as I am super duper tired!

Today's challenge is inspired by the Lion King film.

I decided to do a gradient manicure with OPI A woman's Prague-ative and OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke!...omg I love these colours...they are going to be featured on this blog very soon!!

I had super fun doing this mani despite it being a little time I am going to check the schedule sooner lol.

See you guys soon xxxx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Brand new release Nails Inc Denim And Studs Bling It On

Hello my lovelies.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to share with you this post today.  I have had my beady eye on this denim polish by nails inc for over a month when I saw the press release....I have been a good girl and waited and waited.....and waited some more, that is until today. 

 I went shopping at Bluewater and somehow found myself at the nails inc space in House Of Fraser (funny how that happenes EVERY time I am there...and that's a lot!) When I saw these on the table I almost peed myself right then as these arnt supposed to be launched in shops until May 1st. 

Needless to say I wasn't going to be leaving there without it!!  Whilst there I got speaking to THE most loveliest lady called Becky Grenfell, she clearly loves her job with nails inc (who wouldn't??!) and was super helpful pointing out the great offers they have on and chatting about upcoming releases.  If it wasn't for my husband being with me I swear I would have come out a LOT poorer lol!  It was so nice to speak to those girlies at Bluewater Nails Inc and see their passion for what they this space as I see many good things coming up from them!!  Also a quick word to the wise, if you happen to buy this beauty nails inc have an offer where they actually apply this for you! bonus!

Anyway back to the reason you are reading this and that's the polish right?  Texture is definitely the way forward this season, it shows no sign of going anywhere and becoming the fad that the crackle was.  Nails Inc are, as far as I know the very first to produce a denim polish, keeping in with one of the hottest trends of this year. 

The denim effect polish applies shiny but dries to a matte denim finish.  I love the dark sultry blue colour and I loooove the subtle silver undertones running through this.  It is SUPER opaque....almost a 1 coater and dry time I excellent! In the pack you also get some cute little star studs, taking care of the nail art lovers in us all! 

I didn't expect to love the studs as much as I did, I felt this polish and the studs would make a fantastic nautical manicure, with maybe your accent finger in red!!  Also F.Y.I the studs applied easily and were surprisingly flat to the nail.
Here it is topcoated OH MY GOSH how beautiful is that?!! a real 2 4 1 polish!

Overall I give Nails Inc 5 stars for this little beauty.  I would love them to make a light blue denim version, that would be cool!  I also give Nails Inc staff at Bluewater in Kent 5 stars for their lovely attitude to customer service and knowing their stuff for upcoming collections!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

WARNING one of the prettiest polishes! Mana Ruby Femme Fatale

This post comes with a warning...look at the pictures at your own risk, Mimi is not held responsible for any heart palpitations or outbreaks of sweat upon looking at these pictures!

I cannot tell you how excited i am to own this beauty, ironically this wasn't the polish i was most excited to get from Llarowes latest restock of Femmes, i also snagged Fatal Attraction..which for the record looks beautiful!  This however is something altogether special.

Mana Ruby is a unbelievably pretty red/dark pink jelly with matte red and blue hex glitter and blue iridescent glitter. I absolutely cannot tell you how lovely this is in the flesh.  I believe this must have a magic ingredient to this as this just made my nails glow from within!

It applies very very smoothly, i only used 1 coat and layered it over LA Colors Electra.  I would absolutely recommend layering this as it is very sheer and i don't care very much for the visible nail line you would still have if you didn't use a base colour.  I did have to fish a little for the larger glitters but i don't think you can  expect anything different with larger glitters.

Dry time was excellent.  I used  a coat of  Seche Vite  to achieve a smooth almost gel look to my nails.  

I am hook line and sinker in love with Mana Ruby.  It is out of stock on Llarowes website at the minute but do look out for this in the future, i promise it is worth it!! xxxx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

the rough and th smooth Rococo Grandeur Hare Polish

A double heap of goodness i have for you guys tonight, you lucky things!!  I have for you Rococo Grandeur by the mighty Hare Polish.  I bought this from Llarowe when i lucked out on getting any Nerd Lacquer polishes when Ninja Polish restocked.  I was totally gutted as i missed going to the cinema for that launch and it turned out to be a total nightmare!  So to cheer myself up i bought this as i have a few others from the Teen Queen Of France Collection and looooooved them!

Now i always promised to be honest in my reviews so here is my honest opinion of this.  I LOVED it and hated it in equal measures.  I will start with the good.  I  adore the colour, it is very unique, i own nothing quite like this.  It is a beautiful stormy blue jelly mixed with perfect baby pink and gold  glitter and blue shimmer.  I adored the combination of the base colour and the glitters together, especially the gold glitter as they complimented each other perfectly!

Now for the problem i had.  Because of the sheer amount of glitter in this polish i found it was rather thick and not easy to apply.  I didn't use undies for this polish s i adored the base colour and i think that was my problem. I needed 3 generous coats to get full coverage and because the formula was thick and loaded it made my nails look thick to. 

I certainly wont give up on this polish though because it is just to pretty for that.  I am thinking layering this is definitely worth your while as you can use less coats and avoid that clumpy look. It is also worth noting this was an absolute s**t to remove...again less coats = less glitter to remove! xxxx

Is this the best pastel green ever?! China Glaze Keep Calm and Paint On

For goodness sake, i am having a super love affair with China Glaze at the moment.  I bought the Dandy Lyin Around a couple of weeks back and have come to the conclusion that this is indeed my favourite white polish ever....for me to use it so many times in between says something.  Keep Calm and Paint On is another stunner from the Avent Garden collection that has me staring at my pretty nails all day long!

It has the same formula as DLA, rather thick but workable.  It has the same beautiful subtle shimmer that the white has to. 

I didn't expect to love this one as much as i did, it is just perfect in all its pastel glory.  I think it is a great alternative to  white base, if like me you struggle to find one to compliment your skin tone, this is more softer and girly.

I only needed 2 coats for a great coverage.  Dry time was a little on the slow side but damn it i don't care at all because it is just to pretty!!  I also have to say how much i adore the name of this....well thank you China Glaze i will indeed keep calm and paint on!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Disney Nail Art Beauty And The Beast

Ahhhhh here we are with another classic movie, with Beauty and the Beast being the prompt.  Gosh I haven't seen this film in such a long time, I really must dig it out and watch it!

 I am loving this challenge, it really stretches you and makes you try things you never thought you could do.  Now I must admit, I am a perfectionist and I was seriously worried about doing this one as the beast is just so hard to do.  I settled on him like this but I would love to revisit this at a later date and perfect him.

I deliberately chose the Belle in the ordinary blue outfit because I wanted to do the glam Belle for later in the challenge.

So what do you guys think? do you love Disney like I do?! xxxx

please ignore!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sweet Nails Bounty Bar...a taste of paradise!

Be prepared to have your mouth water folks!  I am taking part in a challenge on Facebook and our theme this week is sweet nails.

Now I have done skittle nails which I must admit I was super proud of, so I decided to do bounty I love them!!

I have tried to capture the packaging as close as I can and I must say I think its really cool!

Ahhhh a taste of paradise, I want to go there right now.....nope, I have to stay here in yukky cold England until August when I am off to Mexico....ahhh my paradise awaits me!  Hope you guys like this. xxxx

Hmmm Love/Hate Bourjois Adora-bleu

Another day in the blog-a-sphere and here I am with a little post reviewing Bourjois Adora-bleu. 

Now then,  when I saw this little pretty looking up at me from the shelves in Boots I fell in love with this colour.  I am a sucker for lovely soft blues so there was no doubt it was coming back with me. 

So sad to say that's where my love affair ended.  Now I pride myself on being able to do a nice 'paint job'.  I know how to handle a wide variety of brushes and formula's...the good the bad and the ugly I have worked with.  I wouldn't say this is the ugly by any means, I still adore the pants off this colour....but this is definitely the bad. 

The formula was just so so strange for me.  I noticed when I drew the brush out that it was really quite thick and runny,  the brush didnt seem to like to hold the polish well...the brush didnt want to absorb the polish into the bristles.  It just held a lot on the outer part of the brush.  When I had what I perceived as a lot less polish on the brush I found that it didn't like to flow easily from the brush to the nail causing the polish to kind of run out of steam halfway through my brush stroke, causing it to have a ripple effect.  When I loaded a little more polish than previously it was just to much polish in the brush once again causing my cuticles to become a little flooded!  This is the first mani in a looooong time I have had to clean up after.

I eventually settled on doing overly thin coats to build coverage and relied heavily on seche vite to even things out. 

Needless to say I was really disappointed with the application of this.  I used 3 thin coats to get a good coverage...if this had applied as it should this would be almost a 1 coater.  It is such a shame because this is a super super pretty periwinkle blue.  I don't know if I just had a dodgy batch of would be interesting to see if others have had these issues.

Enjoy your day my lovelies xxxx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back to school, paper doodle nails

Sad face...after 2 glorious weeks off with my beautiful daughter, yesterday she had to return to school.  I adore spending time with her, she is such a cool person and so funny, we have such fun together.

So yesterday I decided to do a manicure with a 'back to school' theme. 

I had researched the Internet to give me a little inspiration and I found some super cool ones from kelsies nail files and thought they were insanely cute!

So this is my version.  I used China Glaze Dandy Lyin Around (my favourite white!) and Jade Creamoso Alga Marinha for the lines.  I then used Models own black and pink nail art pens to do my doodling with.

I think these are super super cute.  It makes such a change to do something that you don't need to be precise with.  I really hope you guys like them as much as i do! xxx