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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bingtastic!! Sally Hansen Lady Luck

Ahhhhhhhh I love me some bling, and I have found one of the ultimate blingtastic polish ever in this Sally Hansen Lady Luck.  Now I know,  I am behind with the times as this was released back last year I believe but I could never get them here in the UK.  But yesterday on a trip to Bluewater Shopping Mall in Boots they have a whole new section devoted to nails!!!  Now for the record I could have peed my pants and I do believe the heavens sang especially to me at that moment....this is my idea of Disney Land!!

To make this moment even cheerier it is 3 4 2 on their beauty and nail products so I picked me up some sally Hansen goodies!  As soon as I saw Lady Luck it was in my basket...the others are sure pretty but to close to the China Glaze Eye Candy collection for my liking and I own all of them....!

Lady Luck is a reeeeeeeally beautiful looks lovely in the bottle but translates much better onto the nail.  I would definitely describe the glitter as a burgundy colour (others say fuchsia but I think burgundy). 

LL is set in a clear base so I would recommend selecting a similar base colour for better application.  I didn't do that as to be honest it wasn't unti I prepped my nails with base coat and done the first stroke that I saw it was in a clear base.  It is filled with burgundy micro and medium glitter but for me the holo hex glitters really add a different dimension to this polish!!

Now application for me....hmmmm it wasn't the best tbh....I should have layered this as I wouldn't have needed the 3 coats I used..and it is a pretty thick formula.  After 3 coats I could still see small bald spots.  However as I say if you layer this then these problems disappear and to get a finish like this (but even better) would be worth it!   This dried uber quick with a matte like finish.....WARNING WARNING.....apply top coat at your own risk.....TC brings this baby to life...likely offering a blinding I love this with topcoat!!!

I hate to imagine what this is going to be like for removal ......but I don't care, this is just to pretty for its own good!


  1. awesome polish :D
    believe it or not, i have a franken similar to it ;)
    you better use the foil for the removal :D