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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Guest Post by Zoe gloss n sparkle after school special

Hey guys.  I am here today with a real treat for you guys...another guest post from my amazing and enjoy my lovelies!!

Hello you lovely lot. Well here i am again with another Guest post. I had planned on NerdLacquer 'Warrior Ethos' being my next...buuuuuuuut....It was my birthday yesterday, and my beautiful mum treated me to my first Gloss'n Sparkle polish! To say im excited about this is an understatement, Its right up my street!
This one is called 'After School Special'. What a cool name!! I love polishes with cool names!
Anyway...This one is a beauty. Its PACKED full of has soooo much glitter im surprised there was enough room in the bottle for the polish!
Suspended in a dark purple jelly base polish, which applied beautifully, there is an abundance of vivid orange hex glitters ( my pictures make them look red but they are definatly orange!) There is also lots of pretty vivid blue glitter,  and blue and purple hex glitter. 
There are NO negatives with this polish as far as im applied lovely, and has a good amount of glitter, i did not have to fiddle with the brush to fish the glitter out of the bottle. I did wear undies with this polish...color club disco dress. 
You could wear a black underneth and it would still look cool, i may try that next time. I finished it off with a coat of seche vite topcoat.


  1. You guys did a super, super job on this post... My goodness my Zoe your nails are gorgeous!! I'm sorry I'm a little late commenting on this...I tell ya I don't understand how some posts just slip right by me. I love you two angels!! <3 xxxxxxxxx

    1. awwwww thank you my amazing patty, we love you right back!! xxxxx