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Saturday, 20 April 2013

the rough and th smooth Rococo Grandeur Hare Polish

A double heap of goodness i have for you guys tonight, you lucky things!!  I have for you Rococo Grandeur by the mighty Hare Polish.  I bought this from Llarowe when i lucked out on getting any Nerd Lacquer polishes when Ninja Polish restocked.  I was totally gutted as i missed going to the cinema for that launch and it turned out to be a total nightmare!  So to cheer myself up i bought this as i have a few others from the Teen Queen Of France Collection and looooooved them!

Now i always promised to be honest in my reviews so here is my honest opinion of this.  I LOVED it and hated it in equal measures.  I will start with the good.  I  adore the colour, it is very unique, i own nothing quite like this.  It is a beautiful stormy blue jelly mixed with perfect baby pink and gold  glitter and blue shimmer.  I adored the combination of the base colour and the glitters together, especially the gold glitter as they complimented each other perfectly!

Now for the problem i had.  Because of the sheer amount of glitter in this polish i found it was rather thick and not easy to apply.  I didn't use undies for this polish s i adored the base colour and i think that was my problem. I needed 3 generous coats to get full coverage and because the formula was thick and loaded it made my nails look thick to. 

I certainly wont give up on this polish though because it is just to pretty for that.  I am thinking layering this is definitely worth your while as you can use less coats and avoid that clumpy look. It is also worth noting this was an absolute s**t to remove...again less coats = less glitter to remove! xxxx

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