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Friday, 5 April 2013

Anther Neon goodness...Different Dimension a little sumthin sumthin

I am being so good to you guys arnt I....another neon stunner for you to feast your eyes on in the form of Different Dimension Gnarly.

Yesterday I reviewed the Homeboy of this 80s baby collection and was very excited to stick this on as I LOVED Homeboy so so much! Although I have to say the blue with always be a favourite of mine, this is still a pretty damn special polish!

It is a beautiful bright neon lime green with a scattered holo finish.  Like Homeboy it is really opaque...a 2 coater provides great even coverage and the formula was awesome once again.  It applies so smoothly with the perfect consistency.

My only thing I would say was again, like Homeboy I wish the holo effect was stronger.  I said this yesterday and I have to repeat it with Gnarly the holo effect was very subtle...even more so in Gnarly. 

That being said the colour totally saves this polish, it really Is special.  It reminds me a lot of Enchanted Polish Gummy Worm (which I love BTW), but sadly they don't make that colour anymore, so if you were a fan of that then this one is totally up your alley. 

To add a little sumthin sumthin I decided to add a coat of Lush Lacquer Clowning Around and I have to say these two are STUNNING together.  I adore CA so much, I knew it would be a topcoat I used a lot!!

So what do you guys think....Homeboy or Gnarly?  I have to say Homeboy has the edge for me!


  1. My vote does go to Homeboy....BUT this is definitely up there. It really shines with the neon glitter!! Love ya my angel!! xxxxxx

  2. look the post and love the clowning around topcoat...really makes the green pop

  3. Homeboy has a nice sheer jelly looking finish and I like that the shimmer is subtle. Gorgeous polish.