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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Whats hot this spring/ summer

I am back with a little post I thought I would do with my whats hot and what to look out for this spring/summer, something a little different for you all. 

My absolute pick for 2013 is texture...if you are a polish addict like many you will know just about every brand has rocked the texture...from nails inc to zoya.  Personally I have tried the concretes from nails inc, and whilst I adored the vibrant colours I didn't fall ass over in love with them..
unlike the Mariah Carey collection from OPI....

now  am absolutely wetting myself with excitement for the new Bond Girls Liquid Sands. 
 I have seen some awesome swatches for these already....roll on May when these babies come out here! 
I am yet to try the China Glaze texture....they also look amazing! 

 I think Zoya also out did themselves on their Pixie Dust Collection...

now I cant wait for the new ones finding themselves my way any time now!

 I also have to give a shout out to Milani that also did textures...for cheapness these were amazing, the colours excellent and the texture just as textured as you can get.
and i was seriously impressed with the barry m textures!

Texture will also find its way onto your nails in the way of denim....nails inc are releasing their denim and stars polish on the 1st of may here in the UK...I am VERY excited for this.

Nails inc are such an awesome company for nail trends and I was all over the leather!!

Colour is always a trend yes? year round certain colours always find their way being repeated in different forms and for me this season is all about pastels and neon....models own have done an awesome job on their ice neon collection as well as the awesome Barry M and their Hi Shine polishes!
Again Barry M deserves a mention with their Hi shine Gelly!

 as well as their recent pastel collection.  I am very excited about the new colour changing polishes by Ruby Wing (color club) as well as the mighty seche vite rocking  the 'Bright and Bold' collection due to hit the stores in May 2013. 

Design....yup another trend that is a year rounder.  I love me some nail art.  If you are not into the whole free hand or stamping thing then wraps are a great alternative.  I have heard some awesome things about minx wraps with a whole host of celb jumping on the wrap bandwagon.  I think the new 70's inspired collection is amazing.....I am going to try free handing some of these.  So there you have it, my little pick of spring/summer.  

  So there you have it, my little pick of spring/summer.  There is always a new trend coming that im sure to have missed...whats your hot pick for the upcoming season? are you over texture already or are you a pastel fanatic?

Tiffany Inspired Nails China Glaze For Audrey

Its only Easter isn't it?! Happy Easter everyone, I hope you are stuffed from eating all the Easter, I haven't had one! BOOOO, but fear not as I am writing this post then off to watch The Jungle Book and stuff my face...good times.

Back to this post,  my beautiful friend Lauren asked me to recommend a nail polish as close as poss to Tiffany.  Of course that had to be China Glaze For Audrey which I told her. 

This has lead me to dig mine out.  This is my absolute favourite China Glaze polish, bought for me my the lovely lovely Dimpal at Crazy Polishes for my secret santa. 

I then HAD to do some Tiffany box nails drawing inspiration from a regular jewelry box of my daughters that just so happened to be a perfect (ish) match.  I free handed the ribbon and bow and finished off with a coat of seche vite.

I love these so very much, so much so I actually did them on my non swatching hand to wear them as a full manicure. 

Happy Easter again my lovelies...tomorrow I start with a really exciting Disney challenge for you...oh yes I cant wait to show you guys!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hare Polish Party Palace

Hello my lovely lovely readers, I am here today on this cold Easter weekend with another AWESOME AWESOME polish for your viewing pleasure.  I am showing you Party Palace from the amazing Hare Polish.

For goodness sake Hare camp are churning out some true beauties in this recent collections of jellies and top coats.

Party Palace really is like a party has set up show on my nails, I REALLY love this polish!!

PP is a super bright.  It almost has neon qualities to it, but it isn't quite, it is bright but very wearable.  Hare described it as bright fuchsia but I think it leans more between purple to be honest with fuchsia undertones....either way t is a really cool colour  for the upcoming (coughs and splutters at the mention) summer.  I also love that this will be wearable when winter roll around again (quicker than most if you live here in the UK!).

This polish is packed with white square, and orange hex glitters and a beautiful blue shimmer...I believe you can see the shimmer in my pics...if you cant trust me its there.  I love the orange hex glitters very much, although against this super bright colour they appear more red to me...not that this is a bad thing...I think the colours look amazing together!!

So its no surprise I adored this much so that after the disappointment of not getting any nerds yesterday from ninja polish I got my bad self onto the internet and bagged me Rococo Graneur! now I just need Hooky at the hamlet and I will be happy!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Hare Polish Teen Queen

Hello there my angels.  Happy good Friday to everyone!  I am here today with an AWESOME polish for you guys in the form of Hare Polish Teen Queen.  Oh my lord this is beautiful!!

Excuse the spamathon of pictures, they are just to delicious not to show you guys!!

Teen Queen is such an awesome fun polish.  Packed pull of NEON BLUE glitter, that is enough for me to fall in love just for that but throw in baby pink hex and square glitters and a
ton of beautiful blue shimmer....I am in LOVE!  This is set in a clear base so it is perfecto for layering!

check the shimmer...simply stunning!

I chose to layer this over a pink after seeing it done this way on Llarowes website pic.  Usually I wouldn't have put a pink under this but OMG I love it so much I just cant stop staring at my nails....they look like candy!  The polish i layered it with is Models own Pastel Pink and I used 2 coats of the teen queen.  Formula was problems at all.

I also just have to say a quick word about the new style labels hare have done.  I LOVE them...I am huge hare polish fan so they can do no wrong in my eyes!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nostalgic Lacquer rid of wow wow!

Don't you just love it when you get nail mail you forgot you had ordered??   I saw this polish by Nostalgic Lacquer featured on a blog a while ago and on impulse bought it because it looked amazing.  I don't know how but I totally forgot I ordered it until it wangled its way through my letterbox today.

I was feeling a little 'blah' today but this has really cheered me up, its bloody beautiful!! it is called Rid of me....I suggest a rename for this baby...something along the lines of magic in a bottle! 

Now you all know I love a blue....light, dark, neon, baby, navy...its all good to me.  I also adore anything that will turn an otherwise lovely polish into something much more...and this guys is it!!

I decided to whack on a new favourite blue of mine, Chelsea Girl by Color it is guys...pretty lovely huh?

Now for a switch up before your very eyes! (excuse the spam a thon...I couldn't resist!)

Rid of me is a beautiful  blue jelly polish with oodles of blue gold and green shimmer.  I imagine you could wear this alone but I have seen this used as a topper and I preferred to use it like that. I don't know what it is about this polish but It just makes my nails glow from the inside, I realllllllly love it! 

I would absolutely recommend this polish to you guys, formula is amazing, dry time is fast and  received the polish quite quickly considering I am in the UK

Milani this is how textured polishes should be!

After yesterdays debacle of the Oz glitters I reviewed I am happy to come back with some excellent polishes for you guys today.  I hate slating polishes of brands I adore such as OPI, they arnt exactly cheap as chips so you expect impeccable quality and feel hugely let down when you get so far from perfect to downright shoddy.  I come to you today with a brand I am a newbie to...Milani. 

 I have been itching to try these polishes so ages but I cant find them anywhere in the UK...even trusty ole ebay has none!  This adds up to Mimi wanting them that bit more.  I love me a bit of all over that trend like a hot rash so when a lovely friend of mine Laurie from my polish group on facebook agreed to send them to me I was happy as a pig in muck!!    I would like to extend my hugest of thank yous to her for supplying me (crikey I make her sound like a drug pusher lol!...well this is my addiction!)

Aqua Splash.  A beautiful turquoise greeny blue colour...simpy adorable.  I love this colour either textured or smooth it is so pretty.  I used 2 coats but should have gone for 3. 

Spoiled In Fuschia.  Love that name and love that it is true to its name as well.  A perfect dark fuchsia colour that is so rich it is delicious.  It is opaque in 2 coats.

Purple Streak.  This is a lovely lovely deep vibrant purple.  This is the most opaque of the 3 I am showing.  I used 2 coats.

All of these colours were everything I wanted them to be and more.  Each applied beautifully and dried super quick to a really textured finish (OPI take note...this is how textured should be!).  Each dried matte (as expected) but I wish I would have top coated them to see the difference as I suspect they would be stunning worn that way to.  My favourite was the fuchsia buuuuut I loved all of them.  Once again thank you to my dear friend Laurie xxxxx