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Friday, 8 March 2013

Nails inc denim & studs... Coming soon!!

Hey guys, hope you are all fighting fit today. I felt I HAD to show u guys this little snippet of a preview of a new nails inc polish being launched on 1st May. Hot on the heels of the textured concrete, feathers and leathers.....we are now being treated to denim!! Am I excited? You damn. Right I am ! Check it out bellow cxxxxx


  1. This denim and studs look like so much fun!! I think I might love this. Thank you my angel for sharing. Love ya to pieces!! xxxxxx

  2. How cute is that bottle!! haha, I might have to get the nails inc one just because of that :P xx

  3. That looks great!! Thank you for posting about this. I have to buy it!!