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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mighty OPI my picks of the Euro Collection!

Hey my lovelies...ah i am so excited to show you these babies today. I have for you my picks of the recent Euro Collection.  With spring well and truly on the way (we have even seen the sunshine here in the UK!) it was welcome that OPI released some polishes with pastely shades in well as a few 'surprises'.  I haven't got the whole collection to show you..only ones that spoke to me at the here we go!

My vampire is buff.  Ok, i don't get the name!  Naming aside, this is my least favourite of the ones i have for you.  I wouldn't describe it as a white, it is more of a cream colour with caramel  undertones.  I found this to be a little streaky if I'm honest, by the 3rd coat i could have prob used a 4th.  That said i did love the colour and i would without a doubt be using this again when i want a neutral colour to do art on.

You're such a Budapest.  Love this rolls off the tongue nicely.  Budapest is a really beautiful soft dreamy lilac with perfect consistency.  Opaque in 3 coats.  For those who are worried it is a dupe for do you lilac it, i compared them in the bottle and they are not dupes.

Can't find my Czechbook.  Name=hilarious! it! it is a beautiful perfect defo go to turquoise for the future.  This one only needed 2 coats and the formula was beautiful to!

I saw...we saw... Warsaw.  Again i love this name and oh my gosh i i love this polish!  For a spring collection it is a surprise to see these last 2 colours..deep and vibrant.  Warsaw is a beautiful deep blue, which actually looks more lighter in the was a surprise to me it translated as dark on the nail as it did.

Eurso Euro.  Love this name!  Oh my word this is a my opinion i saved the best creme till last!  A super bright royal blue.  Any blue fans need this in their collection!  Have i one like it?..yes more than likely buuuuuut it is just to damn beautiful not to have it!  2 coats and you are good to go!

Polka.Com. Again another name i don't quite get.  Polka is the beautiful glitter of the collection.  Perfect for layering combos and in my opinion match perfectly with all of the colours i have here they are layered over each and every one for your viewing pleasure! Polka is a glitter bomb of blue and magenta medium hex glitters and purple micro glitter...this is set in a clear base.  I loved this prettied up the nude colour nicely but i LOVED it layered over the 2 darker blues!

Overall i loved the colours i got of this much so it makes me want the rest of them!  My favourite wont shock you...Czechbook, Warsaw and Eurso Euro.  Hope you guys have liked my picks.....what are your favourites?


  1. Warsaw is definitey my favourite - it looks similar to Nails Inc's The Serpentine which is one of my favourites

    I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! :) Check out the details here

  2. awww deanne thank you SO much!!!!! this has really made my day!!!!! i will be completing this award shortly my lovely!!! once again thank you so much! xxxxx