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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Jade Creamoso Collection

Another day, another set of swatches.  I have a whole bunch of photos all ready to go so you guys are in for a treat this week with some super cool swatches coming, plus i am going to throw in some nail art for good measure!  Here i am going to show you the mighty Jade Creamoso Collection.

So i don't drive you guys crazy with me repeating myself, all of these applied beautifully, i used 3 coats for each of these shots.  Let the Jade Creamoso commence.

Pink Pop is a beautiful super girly pink cream polish.  Sally from Sally Magpies said she would have liked to have called this Barbie...i totally agree.  It is really soft yet vibrant with a kind of milky pink effect...i know what i mean even i you guys don't hehe!  I love this one very much!

Alga Marinha Oh my this is a stunner!!  This is easily my favourite of the collection!  Alga Marinha is a beautiful powder baby blue cream polish....seriously seriously lovely...perfect for the spring and summer months!

Musa Do Verao another stunner for the summer for sure.  A lovely coral lovely!

Pimento Doce.  This is a stunning red cream polish with a shimmer in it!  I wish my camera would capture how amazing this one is but it likes to spaz out with reds!  Love it!

I loved this little collection, in fact i love Jade Polishes period, their holos are something to behold.  My picks of the 4 are without doubt Alga and Pink Pop.  Get your bad self to Sally Magpies and order these, they are perfect for spring!

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