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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Whats hot this spring/ summer

I am back with a little post I thought I would do with my whats hot and what to look out for this spring/summer, something a little different for you all. 

My absolute pick for 2013 is texture...if you are a polish addict like many you will know just about every brand has rocked the texture...from nails inc to zoya.  Personally I have tried the concretes from nails inc, and whilst I adored the vibrant colours I didn't fall ass over in love with them..
unlike the Mariah Carey collection from OPI....

now  am absolutely wetting myself with excitement for the new Bond Girls Liquid Sands. 
 I have seen some awesome swatches for these already....roll on May when these babies come out here! 
I am yet to try the China Glaze texture....they also look amazing! 

 I think Zoya also out did themselves on their Pixie Dust Collection...

now I cant wait for the new ones finding themselves my way any time now!

 I also have to give a shout out to Milani that also did textures...for cheapness these were amazing, the colours excellent and the texture just as textured as you can get.
and i was seriously impressed with the barry m textures!

Texture will also find its way onto your nails in the way of denim....nails inc are releasing their denim and stars polish on the 1st of may here in the UK...I am VERY excited for this.

Nails inc are such an awesome company for nail trends and I was all over the leather!!

Colour is always a trend yes? year round certain colours always find their way being repeated in different forms and for me this season is all about pastels and neon....models own have done an awesome job on their ice neon collection as well as the awesome Barry M and their Hi Shine polishes!
Again Barry M deserves a mention with their Hi shine Gelly!

 as well as their recent pastel collection.  I am very excited about the new colour changing polishes by Ruby Wing (color club) as well as the mighty seche vite rocking  the 'Bright and Bold' collection due to hit the stores in May 2013. 

Design....yup another trend that is a year rounder.  I love me some nail art.  If you are not into the whole free hand or stamping thing then wraps are a great alternative.  I have heard some awesome things about minx wraps with a whole host of celb jumping on the wrap bandwagon.  I think the new 70's inspired collection is amazing.....I am going to try free handing some of these.  So there you have it, my little pick of spring/summer.  

  So there you have it, my little pick of spring/summer.  There is always a new trend coming that im sure to have missed...whats your hot pick for the upcoming season? are you over texture already or are you a pastel fanatic?

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  1. Hola!! de la primera foto, tengo dos, el azul y negro arenoso, me encanta!!

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