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Monday, 4 March 2013

Oh la la Cupids Floam by Ninja Polish

Annnnnnd i'm back!! I have not been able to get online like i have wanted to as my laptop decided to die on me this weekend....It's amazing how much you miss something when you don't have it anymore!!  Anyway, i am back and i have a seriously pretty swatch to show you guys!

 Cupids Floam by Ninja Polish is a humdinger of a polish!  All of the floams i have tried have been so special when Ninja released this for valentines was mine baby!

Looky how pretty it is!!

CF has pretty matte red and pink small glitter set in a clear base. I would definitely use this as a layering polish, i used this over China Glaze Infa Red....and if i say so myself this is a perfect combo!!  

I used 2 coats or these topcoat keeps the matte effect as shown in pics above...but look at how it transforms when you apply is a beauty to behold!

Hope you guys likey! xxxx


  1. Very nice! I nearly bought the Halloween one last week, but they are all gorgeous!

    1. they are arnt they cazzy...i love a good floam!! xxxx