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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chanel Bel-Argus and Loreal Gold Lurex

Hey guys.  I have such a beautiful polish to show you today, this baby should come with a warning it is that nice!!  I was perusing around Bluewater and just so happened to pass all the lovely beautiful polish counters (funny how that always happens! lol).  When I spotted the new releases from heart skipped a beat!! Azure is another beauty that I am yet to own....but trust me, I will!!
chanel bel-argus blue metallic loreal gold lurex

So Bel-Argus is a limited edition metallic stunning shimmery blue. 

I love how the blue shifts to different shades of blue depending on the lighting, in one sense it could be a super light blue and others it shifts much some lights it actually looks like it glows on the nails...perfection!

Application was faultless, it was smooth and fast drying, as you would expect from Chanel. 

I don't usually spend so much money on one polish but man, I felt positively regal knowing A, this bad boy is Chanel and B, knowing not everyone will be wearing this shade!  I truly think if blue is your colour then you NEED this in your life!

For added glamour factor I did a reverse gradient effect with L'Oreal Gold Lurex.  OMG I love this polish!  It is the gold glitter topper I have been searching for!  It is so beautiful and perfect!  Set in a clear base it is full of small golden glitter.  They lay perfectly smooth to the nail.  I adore this because i  tend to not  like in your face larger golds, this is the perfect alternative!


  1. I like that gold a lot, it's really delicate and pretty! The blue is gorgeous, a bit pricey for me but still incredibly pretty x