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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

F4 Who-ville, Times Square Holiday and Rockefeller

I am one lucky Mimi!!  I have had some AWESOME nail mail today...3 polishes i am going to show you right now are by the amazing sisters, Jenn, Lacey an Lexi at F4 Polish.  I am proud as punch they liked my previous review (click here to view) so they very kindly sent me 3 more pretties.  Brace we go.

First up is Rockefeller.  My my my, what is there to say about this?!  It is a heap of beautifulness in a bottle...glitters that remind me of a snowy Christmas day!  I love this polish so much purely because it is not your average white glitter that many brands churn out this time of year, it is so versatile, the layering possibilities are endless and would truly look fantastic over pretty much any colour!  Rockefeller is made up in a clear base, packed in there are medium sized white and off white matte glitters, small matte square and hex glitters and a pretty scattering of holographic glitters.  I chose to layer this over China Glaze Aquadelic..perfecto!  This was 2 coats...application excellent..formula excellent!

Now we have Times Square Holiday.  These polishes are to die for they really are, TSH is a real festive treat for your nails...i look at this polish and just imagine a beautiful huge Christmas tree decorated with pretty lights!  I think this is a definite winner for the girls at F4, kudos for making such a beautiful festive polish!!  TSH is a beautiful red and green  glitter base with the most amazing black and white shards of glitter....i think there is some holo shards in there to!!  This is one interesting polish for sure.  I used 2 coats of TSH over China Glaze Westside Warrior...application again was superb!

Last but in absolutely no means least is Who-ville....what a FANTASTIC name...god i love it just for that!  The Grinch is my daughters favourite Christmas film and as soon as i saw the name of this it just conjured up images of that very misunderstood Grinch...standing there looking all mean...awww i love it!  The polish fits the name perfectly....!  I could have only ever have layered this over a grinchy green colour...i wasn't sure it would work, and i so wanted to do the girls proud....but instincts prevailed and wow what a combo!!  Who-ville is another that is made up in a clear base.  I adore the neon green glitters and the red matte glitters compliment each other perfectly.  I chose to layer this over Misa grass is greener, an although i think this was PERFECT over this shade, this is another one that is so versatile you can really mix it up!  This was 2 coats once again, and application A*!

I want to say thanks the girls once again for giving me the opportunity to try their polishes and show them to you, i know i am a new blogger compared to some others out there, but i hope i have done them proud.  Please do have a nosey at their Etsy shop here or look them up on facebook here

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hare Polish A Positive

I post this manicure in honour of our beautiful Leah ann Llarowes late mum, who passed 1 year ago today.  Pink was her favourite colour so this is for you my dear, god bless xxxxxx

What a crappy day here in the UK, its cold, raining and windy...and to top it off my little munchkin Lucy has been poorly, so its a day off school for her.  So to combat my boredom i thought i would show you a pretty, to make us all feel somewhat nicer.

Here i present to you Hare Polish, A positive.  I have been lusting after this one forever to, the same as Bisbee and Pegasus...I'm getting used to this nimble finger lark when sets are released...bam, i was on it like a car bonnet an nabbed them!!

A positive is a gorgeous raspberry colour jelly polish with an insane amount of silver different sized hex glitters.  I friggin adore this like you wouldn't believe.

As Bisbees sister polish from the same collection, the formula is as  i expected it to be, thick!  this was no surprise to me as Hare Polish seems to be going through a 'thick phase.'  The glitters didn't misbehave as much as they did in Bisbee which was a nice surprise as i had resigned myself that they were going to be the same...hmm i wonder what Pegasus will be like..note to Mimi..try this one soon (too many polish and not enough fingers!)

Overall i loved this...a winner for me.  The colour was pretty as pretty can be...very 'Hare' formula could be better...but nothing a touch of thinner cant help.  A Positive is an amazing polish.....its still available on Llarowe so snap it right up!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mimi welcomes a new art corner!

Hello happy Sunday!!  I am just popping by to welcome my new art corner to my blog.  This is basically going to be a place where it is just art...mine, your or some thing we both like.  I am calling all my lovely ladies to dig out a arty mani you are proud of and email it to me at so i can feature it here at my art corner.  For future reference there is a tab in the header where the corner can be found. 

So come on ladies lets get together and share our love of the arts! xxxxxx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Snowman Christmas Nails

Hands up who feels christmassy yet? well i have been doing christmas shopping recently and i am starting to feel it now, so when Mimi feels it, she paints it....and here it little snowman Christmas scene.

 I haven't done any nail art for what seems like ages so its nice to be able to do something again, and I'm pretty pleased it turned out OK as i have never painted a Christmas design before. 

I was scouring the Internet for inspiration and found a design similar to this one, then it hit me i have a light decoration bang spot on to this design....

I hope my little instalment of Christmas joy has brightened your day...I'm already plotting my next design so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hare Polish Bisbee

Hi my lovelies.  So, today is a pretty crappy day here in the UK, it is gale force winds outside and has been dark sense 2pm here...which made me worry about being able to photograph Bisbee for you...until i bought out my light box...i annoyed with myself for not using this as much as i should because the pictures turned out wicked!

So today as i say, i have Bisbee for you.  I'm sure any nail enthusiast knows how hard this polish is to come dust it is, and i was super super excited to snag one when they were restocked, and today it turned up.

Now i always promised to be honest so here goes.  I LOVE it...and hate it at the same time.  I adore the colour, it is amazing and i for sure don't own a dupe for this, i liked the fact the colour built up nicely.  I had it pretty opaque in 3 coats...although i still have a slight VNL...but i just couldn't face another coat.  I also loved the mix of glitters used, they really compliment the polish is beautiful and very very interesting to look at and the more i look at it the more i love it.....but.....

I have to say the glitters were a complete pain in the ass to control on this one.  They just didn't lay as flush to the nail as i like, and after 3 good coats i just didn't feel i could apply anymore for fear it would look far to thick on the nail.  When the polish was dry(ish) i was still lightly patting the sticky out glitters down.  I could imagine this would be a real challenge for a newbie to apply, thankfully i have the experience and tools to make this work.

After i applied 2 coats of my trusty seche vite it made a world of difference to the overall look and i fell in love head first, as you can see it really is stunning.  I'm not saying the issue i had is true of all of the bottles...i may have just got a duff one...but i will soon find out as when Llarowe restocked the other day i got another bottle for reserves as you can never usually get it easily. I love Hare polish, and will continue to love her polishes and for all the effort to apply this, i adore it enough for it all to be worth it!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ninja Polish Girly Floam

I am here with a big grin on my little face because i managed to snag a girly floam when Ninja Polish restocked a couple of weeks back.  My sister and i literally squealed when we got our packages!  Ahhh the elusive floam...always evaded my manicured hand..until now!

Girly Floam is everything i thought it would be....and more!  i own the original floam and loooooved it, it is special and very very different to my usual taste, which made me want this one all the more.  Girly is made up in a clear base with a beautiful mix of purple and pink matte glitter....beautiful! 

I found the formula to be extremely workable....not to thick like i have heard some of the original can be (i had no worries there either).  I chose to layer this over a good old favourite of mine Essie Splash Of Grenadine, and use 2 coats of floam to totally transformed the polish.  I loved this even without a topcoat....i love the gritty look but then i opted for some trusty seche to add shine.  IT EATS to be expected but just a friendly warning.

I loved this and will without a doubt be owning more of the new addition floams for sure.  You can buy them at Ninja Polish

Monday, 19 November 2012

Urban Lacquers Swanky Panky, Sugar Britches and Ethereal Girl

Hello my beautiful readers, i hope this Monday finds you in good spirits...if not fear not for i have three gorgeous polishes from Urban Lacquer to show you to brighten your day.  The lovely Brenda sent me these for review, so without further ado here we go.

I am showing you first Sugar Britches...first i think the name is hilarious on this one, it really reflects the, sweet and funky.  Sugar Britches is made up of really outrageously pretty mix of pink glitters. we have fuchsia, light pink, medium pink and dark pink glitters..some are smaller hex, larger hex and square glitters. I think the different pinks and shapes and sized of the glitters really add texture and depth to an otherwise pretty polish...making t stand out.  I chose to layer this over Essie Splash Of Grenadine.  I had no application issues at all, SB flowed on my nail like butter.  I used 3 coats for the shots.

Next up we have Ethereal Girl.  Again, the name is a winner to me.  Now let me be honest, i don't care to much for polishes with a frosty like finish, they seem to draw every imperfection of your nails, and when i  opened this one y heart sank a little as i really wanted to do some pictures Brenda and myself would be proud of. Still i proceeded to the best of my efforts and i have to say this was a surprise to me.  Not only is the colour amazing but it was very very forgiving of any imperfections i had.....enough so out of all the pictures i took (which was many) i could have used them all!  I was really pleasantly surprised and would defo wear this one again.  So EG is a really cool smokey murky green polish that has a silver sheen finish to it.  I used 3 coats for these shots. Application was amazing on this one.

 Last but not least is Swanky Panky...what another wicked name!!  This one is without a doubt my favourite of the three i have showed you, it is pretty and interesting and girly all at the same time.  I chose to layer this over Nails Inc edbury bridge, a perfect combination in my humble opinion.  SP is made up in a gentle light pinky purple base with varying sizes of purple, turquoise an pink glitter.  This is a very happy combination of glitters that work so well together.  Well done to Brenda for making such a pretty colour!  I used 2 coats for the shots shown.  Application was excellent!

Overall i think these polishes were all pretty spectacular in there own right, Swanky Panky has my heart though!  I thank Brenda for sending me these, it has been a pleasure to review 3 such pretty colours.  You can find Urban Lacquer here at her etsy shop or find her on Facebook now rush over and make you purchases!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Literary Lacquers part 2 The Course Of True Love and What Fools These Mortals Be

So here we have the second instalment of Literary Lacquers polishes. The first can be found here.  Amy was kind enough to send me some stunners and i have loved every minute showing them to you and i hope you have enjoyed them to.  So lets get on with the review. 

And here we have The course of true love. Ahhhh i know i sound broken but.....i love this one!! The whole time i was building this colour up i kept thinking it reminded me so much of the inside of a ripe beautiful strawberry with the black pips scattered! I really thought this one was super pretty , a winner no matter what time of the year. I was surprised to see when i was applying it that we had tiny red heart glitter to! I only wish my camera could have picked it up better...i only had a few pieces on my biggie though as i don't care for uber packed heart glitter..this added just the right amount of girliness for me. The course of true love is a deep red jelly polish with a beautiful red glitter is different shapes and sizes. What makes this stand out is the mad black matte square love love it...along with the dainty love hearts that i might add dont stick out like other heart ones i have tried....big thumbs up here, i will defo wear this again!

can you see the subtle love heart on my pinkie? how cute!

Lastly we have What fools mortals be...ahhhhhh i friggin LOVEEEEEE this one.....just look at the beautifulness of this and try not to dribble to much at it!! I chose to layer this over a standard black and i think it works incredible well. What fools is made up of a holographic pink and purple base with stacks of black glitter, fuchsia glitter, aqua glitter and green glitter. I cant say how much i adored this polish, i have seen it layered over lots of base colours and it looks fab, but the black base is just to stunning, it took my breath away.

I used 3 coats of all of the polishes and absolutely none gave me any work to apply. Amy can truly be proud of herself for making 5 of the most interesting and stunning polishes i have seen around for a while.....main stream brands should indeed take notice of amazing makers like this as its something different to the usual stuff you can pick up anywhere. I thank Amy sincerely for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing these for her, i have had a hoot and hope to own many more in the future.  You find Amy's polish at Literary Lacquers and look her up on facebook

Literary Lacquers part 1 Jealous Oberon, Love in-idleness and Lucy

Another instalment of an amazing Indie brand for the form of Literary Lacquers.  I have a whole array of polishes, from a variety of 'mainstream' brands but in my opinion indies are absolutely coming into their own...and Amy deserves her slice of the action wholeheartedly with these beauties.  On with the pictures and i am sure you will agree....these are stunning polishes!  I have split these review into two as it might be to much for some...but please di check out my fiurther review as its gonna be good (insert smiley face and wink here).

Here we have Jealous Oberon.  Man, i don't usually tend to go for golds as i think they make my pale skin even more pale...but this one is so darn pretty i don't care!  It is a beautiful soft gold polish with really cool holographic square glitter.  The glitters absolutely add some va va voom to this.  As i say i am not usually a gold fan but if this colour is your thing then trust me you would love it!

Now we have Love in-idleness.   I have mopped up my drool over this one now so i can proceed to tell you this is actually a wow moment.  I adore this one.  It is made up of a lovely light purple base with a mad assortment of different shapes and sizes of glitter....along with an assortment of iridescent glitters.  I chose to layer this over Opi Do you lilac it...but this would look fantastic on its own.  This really does remind me of fairies for some reason.....i think if they were to land on some kind of mythical magical leaf, this is what colour it would be! 

Next we have Lucy.  Now i love this one...not only is it super vampy but its also the name of my beautiful little girl...of course i am going to love it!!  I think this one would is an awesome Autumn/winter polish.  Lucy is  made up of a blackened jelly base packed with red square glitter, smaller red micro glitter, silver hex glitters and i am sure i see copper glitters in there to.  I think this is a winner indeed my fellow chums because all of these glitters compliment each other so nicely bringing superb depth.

You can find Literary Lacquers at her fab etsy shop here and find her on facebook here