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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Orly sunglasses at night

This is a super different polish for you guys today.  On a recent shopping trip to my nail supplier i had a great big eyeful of a load of new Orly polishes they had in stock.  Now i only went there to pick up some more acrylic paint.....i ended up spending £35 on goodies...ooops.  I picked up 3 polishes from orly and today i am going to show you sunglasses at night.

This is not a polish i would ever usually go for, to be honest i don't care very much for ooodles of bar glitters and this has them in abundance...but something just told me this was different.  It is a really dark blue jelly polish (definitely a layering polish) with tons of prismatic string glitters.  In the bottle it kind of looks furry?

Anyhow i actually quite like this one, i layered it over OPI lincon park after dark.  I have seen this polish layered over a blue and to be honest i think i would be inclined to try it over a blue to.  The application was very easy on this, the bar glitters spread somewhat evenly and with a coat of seche vite it was flawlessly smooth. 

For those who love bar glitters, this is your candy!