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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ahhhmazing Shimmer Polish review

Ahhhhh my lovely lovely readers i am so excited to show you my pictures today an i will warn you there are a few coming up...please bear with me and my silly babbling because these babies made me foam at the mouth....after of course i picked myself up off the floor!  The wonderful owner of Shimmer Polish, Cindy was lovely enough to send me 5 polishes to without further ado, here goes.

First up is Katherine.  This polish excited me like you wouldn't believe, one it reminds me of my beloved nan who was also called Katherine and  two it is a colour she would have loved.  It is delicate, beautiful and so very feminine.  Even though it is stacked with glitter this is a polish one could wear every work or on a night is extremely versatile.  Katherine is a stunning polish full of bronze, orange and a darker brown glitters.  I used 3 coats for the shots.  Application was a dream...dry time excellent....all round a massive thumbs up! I layered this over Nina Ultra Pro beige-a-vu

Here we have Fanny. Awwww i know i sound like a broken record but wow!! Fanny is again one of my favourites (hell, they all are!) this is a polish full of red, pink, gold, blue and purple glitters. The colours compliment each other perfectly here, i really saw the red glitters when it was on my nails...but it wasn't that evident in the bottle...a lovely surprise! I chose to layer this over Kiko 277 (which actually properly bought out the red even more).

Now we have Jasmine. Wow and a zillion wows!  This polish is unreal.  I always think i have found a new favourite until something else pops up...this popped up!  Jasmine is a gorgeous predominately blue/teal polish with beautiful green, orange and red smaller glitter scattered throughout.  I didn't expect to love this as much as i did.  It is amazingly pretty...definitely a favourite of mine.  I layered this over Kiko 401.

Now we have Marilyn.  Ahhhh Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn.  When you say that name you think dark, vampy and sexy (ala Marilyn Monroe) and this polish is exactly what she as hell!  Marilyn is a dark vampy red polish that builds up full coverage on her own, it is dark and sultry and has beautiful micro glitters dispersed throughout.  I loved this polish....much less bling on this one but just as special!

Last but not least here is Tiffany. Again this was a polish that i knew i would love straight away. This is a crazy pretty polish full of light pink and light blue glitter. It is super versatile and can be worn many many ways.....i think this would look fab over a dark purple or black. I chose to layer this over OPI Do you lilac it.....and i looooove it!!! Application was beautiful as usual , i used 2 coats for these shots . A coat of seche vite made this sparkle

I will always promise my readers to give a full honest review, weather or not they have been sent to me or not.  My sun of of these polishes are they are just amazing, if you don't own any Shimmer Polish then rush forth my lovlies to her etsy shop here or look her up on facebook here.


  1. They're ALL yummy, but Tiffany made me drool! Now where did that tissue go...gotta wipe my keyboard off.

  2. Replies
    1. you're very welcome indeed thank you for sending me such beautiful polishes!xxxxx