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Monday, 5 November 2012

Paris Sparkles Wintermint

I am on a roll arnt bond nails now the beautiful Paris Sparkles Wintermint! If you love a green then you are gonna love this!  Ladies i give you this beauty in the form of wintermint from Paris Sparkles.

This is a lovely polish which stacy should be extremely proud of.  When i look at the colour of this polish i straight away think of apples...think a nice granny smith and that's the colour of the base of this polish....if that isnt good enough to eat you are then given oooodles of stunning blue, green and silver iridescent glitter which take it from me make this so so pretty, feminine and damn right great to wear this time of year!  Bear with me when i try to explain this is the best of both seasons for me...the richness of the green reminds me of beautiful ripe juicy apples...which makes me think of a summer picnic while the stacks of glitter in this reminds me of a snowy scene?....i know i am bonkers but this is what it makes me think! hehe.  This applied beautifully, i used 3 coats of this polish over essie mojito madness.

I really recommend you visit Paris Sparkles etsy shop which can be found here.  I can personally vouch for Stacys customer service, she has been nothing short of professional and warm when we have spoken.  I hope you guys like this post and pay her a visit xxxxx