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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Literary Lacquers part 2 The Course Of True Love and What Fools These Mortals Be

So here we have the second instalment of Literary Lacquers polishes. The first can be found here.  Amy was kind enough to send me some stunners and i have loved every minute showing them to you and i hope you have enjoyed them to.  So lets get on with the review. 

And here we have The course of true love. Ahhhh i know i sound broken but.....i love this one!! The whole time i was building this colour up i kept thinking it reminded me so much of the inside of a ripe beautiful strawberry with the black pips scattered! I really thought this one was super pretty , a winner no matter what time of the year. I was surprised to see when i was applying it that we had tiny red heart glitter to! I only wish my camera could have picked it up better...i only had a few pieces on my biggie though as i don't care for uber packed heart glitter..this added just the right amount of girliness for me. The course of true love is a deep red jelly polish with a beautiful red glitter is different shapes and sizes. What makes this stand out is the mad black matte square love love it...along with the dainty love hearts that i might add dont stick out like other heart ones i have tried....big thumbs up here, i will defo wear this again!

can you see the subtle love heart on my pinkie? how cute!

Lastly we have What fools mortals be...ahhhhhh i friggin LOVEEEEEE this one.....just look at the beautifulness of this and try not to dribble to much at it!! I chose to layer this over a standard black and i think it works incredible well. What fools is made up of a holographic pink and purple base with stacks of black glitter, fuchsia glitter, aqua glitter and green glitter. I cant say how much i adored this polish, i have seen it layered over lots of base colours and it looks fab, but the black base is just to stunning, it took my breath away.

I used 3 coats of all of the polishes and absolutely none gave me any work to apply. Amy can truly be proud of herself for making 5 of the most interesting and stunning polishes i have seen around for a while.....main stream brands should indeed take notice of amazing makers like this as its something different to the usual stuff you can pick up anywhere. I thank Amy sincerely for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing these for her, i have had a hoot and hope to own many more in the future.  You find Amy's polish at Literary Lacquers and look her up on facebook


  1. How have I never seen these before? Gorgeous!

    1. they are AMAZING Chameleon well worth a look, pop by and say i sent you. Thanks for following me my lovely xxxxx