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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

F4 Polish Review....Mrs Duck, goof-e and Mr Mouse

Crikey i am on a roll tonight....first Shimmer Polish and now the sublime F4 Polish!!  I am honoured to be reviewing these for the lovely ladies over at F4, and i thank them sincerely for sending  me these to review.  When i opened the mail this morning and i saw these babies i knew they were going to be fun......and fun they were, from the names, which crack me up btw, to the overall finished look.  I will get on to the pics....enjoy!

First up we have Mrs Duck.  Ohhh the name makes me really chuckle, i just imagine Daisy Duck standing before me, looking all cute and fluffy...i know right...weird! This polish really did excite me on the nail much more than it did in the bottle (and it looks pretty special in the bottle to!) it is made up of beautifully pretty matte micro purple white and pink glitters and alongside that there are purple and yellow satin glitters thrown in and purple and yellow shards of glitter for added pizazz!  I chose to layer this over Essie Splash of Grenadine which i loved but i have also seen this layered over purple  and it looks amazing that way to....meaning this is a versatile polish! 

Next up we have is class and will make you smile without a doubt.  I thank the girlies at F4 for sending me these great polishes which have conjured up a giant Disney fest in my head.....! oops i digress!  so here is goof-e and after i have picked myself off the floor because it is so damn lovely This polish comprises of super bright green micro glitter, green and blue matte hex glitters and green holographic hex.  I layered this over essie mojito madness  which i think is a perfect combination.  Yes its colourful and playful but i also think its super pretty....thumbs up for this one (and this was only 1 coat!!)

Lastly we have Mr Mouse.  This spoke to me as soon as i saw it, its totally different to what i would usually wear, so it was a welcome change to try something out of my comfort zone.  Mr Mouse is set in a clear base with ultra fine black matte glitter, white matte hex and sparkly red hex glitter.  The possibilities with this polish is endless....although i am not sure i would do a whole mani done with white as a base as i thought the base concealed the larger white glitters.  I have seen this done over a natural nail and it looked great....unfortunately polish has stained my nails at the minute so i wont do it over my natural nails but maybe a nice nude colour.  I really thought this was a fun polish...again the name is it!

Overall the application on these babies was effortless...with the exception of Mr Mouse which i had to fish a smidgen for....i might add this is to be expected with a polish like wasnt an issue and if you like this kind of look it is all part of creating the build up you want.  Dry time was super fast to.  Would i recommend F4...YES....not only are they so friendly there but they stock some ultra cute polishes!!!  find them in their etsy shop here or on facebook here


  1. Me likey! So many fantabulous polishes, so lil time. sigh

    1. hehe inky they are amazing arnt they honey? xxxxxx

  2. Your nails showcase these cool polishes so well!!

  3. I <3 F4. They have icy plum :) which is so me. Grey review Mimi. Xxxxx

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    1. its amazing isnt it agia! thank you for stopping by xxxxx