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Friday, 31 May 2013

Military support mani, R.I.P Lee Rigby

Not many things these days surprise me, sad as it seems, evil seems to lurk our streets, and there seems to be a minority that is intent on bringing as much harm and destruction to innocent lives as possible.  It was said in the news, September 11th was the day the world changed forever and I truly believe that is no exaggeration.

Before that awful day the only time I ever saw such destruction was on a Bruce Willis movie, now I look at those movies with a different isn't enjoyment watching those scenes, as it is far to real now.  from that day on stories of foiled terror plots are common place and I thank god every time one is just that...foiled.  Thanks to our brave and heroic armed forces, we can sleep safe in our beds at night.

On May 22nd terror struck again, resulting in the loss of a truly remarkable young man called Lee Rigby.  He was slaughtered on the streets of London in broad daylight.....all for what appears to be because he was a soldier.  To hear the horrific details was to much for me to listen to, it made me feel sick. 

I have decided to do this manicure in support of our fabulous armed forces, here in the UK and far afield.  I send my heartfelt love and support to the Rigby family and only hope somehow they will find the strength to move forward, as I'm sure Lee would have wanted.  We are very fortunate here to have the brave young men and woman who risk everything everyday to keep us and our families safe....never have I felt so proud of them and our country that unites in such tragic times. 

Tonight I will hug my daughter tighter and give thanks for having my family safe.  R.I.P Lee Rigby and to all the many other brave fighters who died to keep US safe. xxxx