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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gothic horror Disney Snow White

Hello my darlings!  I am a little late with this manicure and the reason is because i wanted to step right out the box and do something totally different for this challenge.

I LOVE Disney and i adore the Snow White movie so much.  I always thought Snow White was a little bit of a minx....i mean the girlie took herself off and shacked up with 7 strangers...all men, so yep, me thinks Snow White has a slightly naughty and darker side.

That's exact;y the side i thought i would showcase today, a Gothic, dark side!  I was a little unsure on whether i should play around with such a classic but i actually really loved doing this, and considering i didn't copy any pic off the Internet or anything for reference i think these didn't turn out to shabby!

So do you like the gothic bad ass Snow White, dripping blood? I hope you do my lovelies! cccc