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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Disney Lady And The Tramp plus my baby!

Welllll here i am again...2 posts in one day, wooop!!  So today i bring to you my Lady And The Tramp nails.

Ohhh this movie is so so special to me....firstly its one that features dogs...that alone is going to be a winner BUT it features a very special breed of dog that makes my heart melt a little...Ok, it melts a lot!  That breed is of course a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I adore this breed so much so i own one!  I wanted one like this so i searched high a low for a ruby one, and i found my perfect, soulful eyed little fluff ball at 8 weeks old.  The rest is history, Harry is my baby and i couldn't love him more if i tried!...check him out!!

So i did the lady and the tramp sharing the meatballs together....adorable! I would like to thank The Polish Art  Addiction for her fab tutorial on this...i did add my own spin on it but i did follow some of her tutorial, she is awesome!

As always i hope you like this, next up in this challenge are the princesses!