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Thursday, 20 February 2014

French Dotty Madness done in gel polish

I know....twice in one day, im good arnt I?! lol

So my polish collection is ever growing and as stated I want to branch out with gel polish.  I am kind of a self confessed newbie to gels but I must admit I am loving them....but maaaan I miss doing my nail art like I used to do.

Whilst this is not on the same par as the detailed work I have done with acrylic paints, this is a doable design I can offer to clients and its done using gel polish.

I was asked to do a funky design and this is where the manicure ended up.  These pictures were taken almost one week after I did them and as you can see they are still perfect, this pleases me!!

I used for this manicure....Red Carpet Manicure, I simply love your nails, Red Carpet Manicure Black Stretch Limo and Gellux Purely White.

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