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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Red Carpet Manicure Star Power

Hey guys!!! my apologies for my inconsistency in posting recently.  I have been working on improving on my acrylics because this year I plan on making Mimi Manicures my profession so I have had to sacrifice computer time for real life for the moment....I will get there and be back to posting more often....fingers crossed lol!

But for the time being I am throwing this one o But there for you guys to see.  I am soooo tired of this winter we are having, it is so long and so bloody gloomy here in the UK, I NEED some sunshine!  My holiday cant come soon enough, but that's not until August, soooooo, I decided to opt for an ultra girly and super bright manicure....and here I give you Star Power.

Man I love this!!!  As  I said I want to take Mimi Manicures mobile soon so I have been focusing on building my gel polish collection.  I saw this particular one on a lovely girlie from my local sallys and knew I needed this!!

This was 3 thin coats, each cured under an LED lamp for 30 seconds, as well as using the prep, structure and brilliance base and top coat.  I have to say I am damn impressed!!  My nails have an almost plastic feel to them, and not in an annoying sense either, I cant stop feeling my nail plate lol.  They are super shiny, smooth and just pretty, making at least something bright and beautiful in this horrid winter! 

I will say the colour on the bottle does seem more neon pink than the actual colour turns out to be on the nail, but to be honest I prefer the colour it turns out on the nail!  It takes on almost a darker neon pink with red tones to me.  In any case, I am in love with this one.  Bring on the summer  say!


  1. Fun bright neon shade! Its great :)

    1. its so cool isn't it lisa? bless you thanks hun xxx

  2. Love this shade! So beautiful. I think I need it for summer!

  3. I love the color. I feel ya about the doom and gloom of winter. I live in Washington state over here in the US and we don't see sun for 8 months. Its SUCH a bummer!!!!