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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Glitter Bunny Indie Review....A NEW FAVOURITE i think!!

Glitter Bunny Indie Polish Review!

Hey guys, how are you all??! I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas time, wow I can't believe Christmas day has come and gone already!  Anyways to alleviate boredom on this boxing day I have thrown myself into my reviews and I am bringing you today the fan-tabulas Glitter Bunny polish.  Strap yourselves in cos we have four beauties to show you today.

First up we have Rainbows on Crack.  OMG how funny Is that name?? Love it!!  So this was pretty in the bottle...even prettier on the nail.  I used 3 coats for these shots but it could be a 2 coater for sure.  Formula was so nice, the polish applied nice and evenly. The holographic particles showed up in every lighting.  I reeeeally loved this one much more than I thought I would! 

Here we have Double Grape Bubble.  My god this is a stunning polish!  It is so beautiful it actually appears luminous on my nails!  It is a deep vibrant purple colour with blue undertones, with a subtle yet noticeable shimmer throughout and small and large hex glitters.  I used 3 coats for these shots which were needed as the first 2 coats were a little streaky, but on the 3rd it all evened out nicely.   I cannot tell you how much I adore this colour, wow its amazing!! 

And here we have Confetti Cake.  Again, hats off for the colour...LOVE it!! It is sky blue in colour with cute pink, purple and teal matte glitter thrown in for good measure.  I needed to get a cocktail stick and mix the glitter around a little as it had gathered a lot to the side, but once I did that it applied nice and evenly.  I would definitely wear this a lot in the summer, it is so bright and cute it just screams spring summer to me!  I used 3 coats for the shots.

Lastly we have Part Of That World.  This polish was made as part of  a trio set from The Little Mermaid Collection.  It couldn't be more fitting in my opinion!  This is a deep blue polish with green undertones, it immediately makes me think of the deep sea, without even knowing that was the inspiration behind it!!  The glitters which are turquoise and purple are just the perfect combination to an already beautiful polish!!  This applied like a dream, no application or glitter issues at all!  I used 3 coats for these shots.

So when the lovely Nicole from Glitter Bunny got in touch I was super excited as I hadn't heard of this indie brand before.  I am so pleased to be introduced this way as I can honestly say I loved each and every polish I reviewed here.  My favourite being Double Grape Bubble!!  So not only are they one of the most superior in quality they are suuuuper cheap on postage to, based in Israel  the postage is only $4.50 per package matter how many polishes are ordered!  The polishes are also cruelty free and vegan so rest assured there are no nasties here!   highly recommend you checking Nicole out on her facebook page and check out her fab creations here .  Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the holidays, lots of Mimi love being sent to you all!