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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop (H)

Well well well I guess it is now the appropriate time when it isn't to early to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!  In my way of a present to you I am treating you to some nail porn pics of the STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING (did I mention this is STUNNING?!) I love nail polish Cygnus Loop (H)
these 3 pics taken in natural daylight

This is my first ever purchase of the brand, I love Nail Polish.  I have heard such great things about the polish and the service which is why I am annoyed with myself for leaving it until now to have any dealings.  Not only was the shipping super quick (im in the UK) the packaging was adorable!  I totally forgot to take pics but the paper used to wrap this was super cute!  Now onto the stuff that really matters...polish!!
this is taken in artificial light

taken in daylight

Freeking AMAZING might come close!  dare I even say it, I love this polish more than my Enchanted Polish which is a hard beat! This is the holographic counterpart to the Chrome polish.  Not only is this a true chrome polish, I find it doesn't enhance every imperfection on the nail like so many chromes do.  It is a very forgiving polish which is a winner for me!  I also looooved how opaque this was, I actually could have used 1 coat but went for 2 just because I am programmed to do that!  I also used no top coat and look how friggin amazing it is without!!!
artificial lighting

taken in daylight

The colour is impossible to nail down to one stand alone shifts from purple, blue orange, yellow and even green in some lights!!!! and with the holographic sparkle to add the bling, it just adds that something more special to an already special polish.  In the sun this beauty is breathtaking, making driving extremely hazardous! lol.
taken in daylight

I have to say this polish has really made me want every single one on the years resolution?  mimi must own more I love nail polish polishes!  You can find this polish here at the website


  1. It looks fantabulous on you, My Mistress! <3

    Oh yes! ILNP Ultra Chromes (both original & holo) are worth every penny. Their holos, glitters & crèmes are top shelf too, but Barb has the magic touch when it comes to chromes. Oh! Don't forget to add Nostalgia to you wish list! That one is a must for holiday nails!