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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2013 Summer OPI Bond Liquid Sand collection!!!

OMG OMG after my love affair with the mariah carey liquid sand collection OPI are releasing a new exciting Bond collection of Liquid is the news!

OPI The Bond Girls Summer 2013

OPI continues its success of the Fall 2012 James Bond Collection, Skyfall, with their new collection for Summer 2013 inspired by female counterparts in the James Bond films. OPI The Bond Girls will be available this summer. The six-piece collection features all Liquid Sand™ shades.
  • Solitaire:This diamond-sparkling white is totally engaging.
  • Pussy Galore: This light feminine pink has the purrrfect amount of shimmer.
  • Tiffany Case: A classic light blue worth investigating.
  • Vesper: A mysterious and intriguing deep purple.
  • Honey Ryder: Take a ryde on the wild side in this shimmery gold.
  • Jinx: This mesmerizing matte coral has lucky sparkle.
Those who love the Liquid Sand polishes will be very excited about this collection. We can’t wait to see these, but we’ll have to be patient for a little longer as they are expected to arrive in May 2013. If you don’t want to miss out, pre-order this collection with us now on Phoenix Beauty Lounge!

Cirque Fascination Street

Boy oh boy i am excited to show you my swatches of this polish today Fascination Street  is a complete much so i cant bear to take it off!!!  I originally saw this swatched by the super lovely and talented Jo at Northern Nails and i knew i HAD to have this i immediately got my bad ass over to the equally amazing Sally Magpies and bought it.

It looked amazing in Jo's swatches so i was soooooo excited to receive this didn't disappoint in the flesh, this baby is a bottle of holo took my breath away!

Made by the really up and coming Cirque this brand is a one to watch in 2013, i guarantee you if you haven't heard of them yet (where have you been?!) then you will do very soon.  I am seeing swatches pop up everywhere with a Cirque polish...and all of them have been amazing.

FS is described as a Vibrant Indigo Polish with a rainbow holographic finish.  Yup that's exactly how i would describe it to (phew).  It applies so smoothly to the nail, just effortlessly gliding is super opaque to, 2 thin coats and you are good to go.  The way this applies reminds me of how it felt when i applied my first A England...i loved it...but i love Cirque more!  I can also vouch that applying TC doesn't spoil the holo effect as it did with some of my Enchanted Polishes.

So as you can guess i am super impressed with this polish, i absolutely know i NEED the whole collection of Cirque but it will take time as they arnt cheap...but the best things come to those who wait!  Thank you to he lovely Jo for introducing me to Fascination Street xxxxx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Disney Days Toy Story

Hello my lovelies, how you all doing today?  i hope this Sunday finds you well and happy.

Today i am bringing you some Disney Toy Story nails for the Disney Days challenge.

I had lots of fun with this design, it was super fun to do....i LOVE Disney!!!

Please check out the faaaab pink and polished and The Manicure Hut to see their masterpieces!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes review

Hey guys, i have been missing in action for the last few little one has been on school holiday half term so i have been hanging out with her as much as i can.  But i am here and all fresh and ready to tell you about some fab little brushes i received from Born Pretty 

I as approached by the lovely Dolly from Born Pretty asking me to review one of their products from their sore.  This is like Disney Land for me, as by now I'm sure you would know...nail art is my thang!  I had so much to choose from, from rhinestone's to polish to stamping!!  But in the end i opted for this cute Little 7 piece nail art brush set.....find them right here artist can ever have enough brushes so i was excited to try them.

They come from China, so i was expecting them to take a long time to arrive but i was pleasantly surprised, they arrived within 2 weeks and come in a little envelope and in plastic wrapping.  The cost for these bad boys is only $5.99....INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!! how cool is that?!  For that price you are getting a steal believe me!  This is what you get within the pack of 7.
used for polka dots...and dotting!

used for detailing, shading etc, great for most nail art

angeled brush, for the more intricate work, works great with most nail art

flat brush...great for one stroke manis and larger paterns and shapes, french tipping and glitters

fine detailing brush....for finer detailing such as flowers etc

angled flat brush...another great use for one stroke manis, stripes and large patterns

fan brush...used for appling and cleaning off glitter...great for muliple sripes

As you can see, you are getting great value for money as these little brushes can aid you in achieving great Little designs, from hearts, flowers, name it, and at a fraction of the price of a nail salon! And here is another reason to rush over to Born Pretty They have very kindly     set me up a coupon code...just for my amazing readers to secure a further 10% off your entire order!    Just enter the below code and wham there you go...a further saving...i know...i am to kind to you guys arnt i! for anything nail related...head over there ladies!

Here is a design i done with these brushes.....god i'm good to you! hehe  

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Disney Days Challenge Snow White

Oh I'm a naughty Mimi, i am late with this challenge...i am so sorry guys.  We are doing a Disney days challenge every Saturday and this weeks challenge was snow white.  Oh i am gutted, i am gutted because this is not the mani i wanted to do!

I had it in my head what i wanted to do but unfortunately i haven't felt the best these last couple of days, hence why this is a day late.

I am so going to revisit this one as i LOVE Snow White, it is one of my absolute favourite Disney movies, like, ever!!!

Please do check out pink and polished nails and the manicure hut to see their fab designs!

Friday, 15 February 2013

AWESOME giveaway!!

Hey everyone, how you all doing today? i hope you are all fantastico!  Just a quick heads up to anyone that is interested but my dear friend Dimpal at Crazy polishes is holding an AWESOME giveaway......why dont you pop over and enter, she is a diamond in the rough.  Click here  to enter.  Much loveage to you all xxxxx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Barry M Spring 2013 Hi Shine Dragon fruit, papaya,greenberry and lychee

We are having a Little Barry M fest tonight arnt we?!  Think of it as my little gift to you this valentines evening.  I am going to show you 4 more beauties Barry M have come up with this season, and ladies let me tell you...these are absolutely stunning....i know i say it a lot but ohhhhh my goodness these are something special!

 I took my pics of the textured ones last night and i was sure nothing was going to top them as i looooved them....but these blow them out of the water!!  These are just a glossy fest of polish loveliness in a classy bottle!  Have i got colours like these...yep i sure do, but i know without a doubt as a polish lover these belong in my treasured collection and will be used more than once (which is fantastic for the likes of me!)  So here we go...reach for that box of choccies and let me show you some polish porn...a la Mimi style, hehe.

Greenberry.  As i write this i sigh...a long loving sigh....GB is AWESOME!!!!  it is a super bright (but not neon) minty green.  You have full lovely coverage in 2 coats and let me tell you, as with all of these they dry so damn glossy you could do without a TC, although for a top coat addict like me,  i had to have some which made them like glass....i swear, look closely and you might see me in my nails taking these pics!

Papaya.  Another beauty.  A lovely soft bright orange which has a kind of cream tone to it...not the best way to describe it but hey ho, that's all i got right now hehe.  Again, this was only 2 coats!!  applied like butter....Barry i love you!!

Dragon fruit.  For goodness sake....yes i know on the surface its just pink right?  yes you are right but this shade of pink is sooooooooo pretty....its girly, its feminine and its everything i love a pink to be.  This is the shade i wished Kingsland Road would have been (the pink textured polish).  Love it and pink lovers you need this one!

Lychee.  I am running out of ways to say i love something.  Lychee is not a colour i would immediately jump to but why that is i don't know, it is beyond special to me.  A surprise it was to see this in this collection but a welcome one.  I love this neutral  tone on me, perfect to use as a canvas to art on (which i did for my valentines design) or perfect to wear alone.  I loved this so much.

I was so impressed with this collection.  Each colour impressed me beyond what i expected them to do.  They all applied beautifully with only 2 coats and levelled out perfectly to give a smooth glossy finish.  I highly recommend them for your 2013 collections even for the seasoned polish addict like me needs them in their life!

Barry M Textured Collection 2013

EEEEEEK!!!!!  I have them!!! I have the whole bloody collection of them!!  I am of course talking about the new collection of Barry M textured polishes.  I saw these swatched a few weeks back and my god i have been waiting for them to work their way onto the shelves!  Well i didn't even wait for them to make it onto the shelves....i got them early!!  After trying out the nails inc textures, which i loved, i couldn't wait to try these. 
I loved this collection very much, they are definitely pastel colours but they take on neon tones to me...they are very bright polishes but are so soft and pretty, they are not 'in your face' bright.  These are perfect for spring and summer.
 In my opinion the Barry M collection are waaaay better than the nails inc ones,  from the price tag, to the colours (with the exception of stonehenge).  I am going to get straight onto the try and cut down on the chatter lol.

Station Road.  Weeell this is the one that caught my eye straight away.  A bright soft wearable yellow with a beautiful shimmer running throughout.  I loved the whole thing about this one, it is super pretty and as i say very wearable.  It was flattering on my skin tone, which usually hates yellows!

Kingsland Road.  This is a really really pale pink polish.  No shimmer in this one (insert sad face here).  I think this is my least favourite of the bunch..i think i would have preferred this to be a shade or two darker.  but never the less it is still pretty.

Atlantic Road.  Yes Yes! this is my favourite of the bunch.  A beautiful baby powder blue, which is just stunning on...i cant say how much i love this one!!

Ridley Road.  A soft minty green colour that is simply stunning.  It is soft, it is flattering and it is one of a kind in my collection!!

Overall i was super impressed with the entire collection of these, my pick is Atlantic Road.  The texture appears as this polish dries and although, yes it is textured it isn't a horrible feel...i actually rather like it!  Also this is supposed to be worn without a base coat...although on the bottle it says you can...its up to you chikkas!
For all the swatches i used 3 coats.  Application one all four of these were effortless and dry time excellent.