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Thursday, 14 February 2013

FFF valentines mani

Happy valentines day to you all!!  Mimi is sending loads of mushy love to you all...yes...u....and u!!!

I have had a lovely day, sadly i couldn't spend the whole day with my lovely hubby as he works hard bless him, but we have spent a lovely evening together.

I was presented with a lovely bunch of flowers from him...awwww!

So here is my valentines day mani for you.  This is not the design i was going to do...i just sat down with my paints and this is what i came up with.  My hubby thought they were stickers!!  Noooooo i am a freehand girl...doesn't he know me but at all?! lol.

For the base of this i used the amazing Barry M lychee (more of these coming very soon!) and the rest was used with acrylic paint by folk art. 

I really hope you guys like these and happy valentines to you all xxxx


  1. This is soooooo cute and adorable ^^ those hearts are perfect

    1. awww thank you my beautylicious babe, you are so sweet to me xxxx

  2. Hugs & big sloppies for you my Dahling Mistress! <3

    1. right back atcha my inky friend!!! lots of love to you my lovely xxxx