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Friday, 1 February 2013

Special Superbowl nails!!!

Hey here i am with the promised Superbowl  nail art i promised earlier today and i have to say i am bloody proud of myself!

Even though we live in the UK my husband is a huge American Football fan, supporting the NYG...but as you all know they didn't make it.  Mr Mimi Manicures insisted i do a design for this weekend and helped me come up with this design.

ill be honest i have no clue when it comes to football so i needed a little guidance, and he jumped at the chance!

So who do you guys think will will it then? Mark is supporting the'm supporting myself! hehe.  

Anyways i really hope you guys have a fantastic Superbowl wherever you are.  Much football love xxxx


  1. 49ers all the way baby! I am just saying that cuz my boyfriend, hah, I don't care for football. But man I am so jealous of your super bowl nails. I just finished mine and they are so lame compared to yours! I will have them on my blog tomorrow

  2. Great job!! I agree, go Niners! I'm more a baseball fan than anything but I support all my Bay Area teams!

  3. These look awesome! I say GO RAVENS!