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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wing Dust Collection pt1 pink about it and zambezi sunset

Hello Chikkas!  Boy i am excited to show you these pretties today.....i have been longing to own some Wing Dust polish and now i own 5...all of which i am going to show you today, although i am going to split this collection in two so its not to big a post for you guys.  Firstly though i am going to publicly thank the lovely  Stephanie from Wing Dust for sending me some of these, she has been a total sweetheart to me and i wanted to say thank you to her...a great lady with a great shop which can be found here or at Llarowe in the near future.  Onto the Pretties.

First up is Pink about it.  Wowza this is my idea of a pink...i love pink...i love holo....i love glitter...i LOVE pink about it!!  This is a hot magenta pink polish...seriously girly and seriously beautiful with a beautiful array of rainbow holographic glitter mixed in.  This is a stunning combo...i own many polishes and this is no dupe of any other i own so Mimi is a happy bunny!  Application was awesome, no problems at all and was totally opaque in 3 coats.  For any lady who loves pink, this is one to have in your stash..amazeballs! 

Now we have Zambezi sunset.  Be still my thumping and double wow, this is waaaaay more prettier than i thought it was going to be when i saw it online, and i bloody loved it then!!! ZS could not be a more fitting name...i truly think of a African sunset when i look at this....i couldn't love this anymore if i tried.  ZS is a beautiful orange polish with a pink hue to it with beautiful gold, red,  yellow and  pink hex glitters and  golden holo bar glitter.  All this shimmer and sparkle ads up to one spectacular polish in my humble opinion...even the bar glitter, which ill admit i am not a huge fan of usually i actually really liked in this one.  There isn't a huge amount of bar glitter to overload the nail which prob makes it bearable  if you are not a fan.  Again, of all the polishes i own, ZS is a total original!  I used 3 coats here, no undies at all.  Application was effortless!

These 2 polishes have my heart and will without a doubt be a cherished part of my collection for a long time to come....what a fantastic way to introduce me to Wing Dust Collections!


  1. Wow, I'm in love with the pink one!! x

    1. it is AWESOME in the flesh absolute must have! xxxxx

  2. Bravo my lovely Mimi!! What an outstanding job you do with your reviews and swatches. You just sold me on these polish creations. I'm going to be a poor bunny!! Shame on you!! <3 xxxxx

  3. hehe i think we are as bad as each other there my lovely....with the stunning swatches you do between us we are a pair arnt we! love you lots my dearest patty xxxx xxx