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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Daily Lacquer Minako, ill fly away, come what may,satine and moon kitty

Hello loviles happy sauperbowl sunday to you all!! i am here tonight with a long awaited post.  I have some very very pretty polishes from Daily Lacquer to show you.  I have been absolutely itching to try some of these polishes, which are made by the very lovely and talented Maggy.  She was kind enough to send me these for review.  So this may be a long post but hopefully  it will be worth it.

So i don't repeat...all of these applied easily..absolutely no fishing required for the glitters.  Dry time was excellent.  I used 3 coats of each except come what may and moon kitty.

First up is  Minako.  This is from the sailor moon collection i believe.  This is something i would not usually go mad over but this this polish has a little something else to it...the colour is a beautiful light peach colour with tiny gold micro glitters, small blue hex glitters, larger red hex glitters, red bar glitter and red hearts and moon glitter.  I chose to layer this over jesses girl all things girly as this is a little sheer so i would recommend layering it.  I really loved this colour much more than i thought i is pretty and feminine...right up my street.

Next we have Ill Fly absolute favourite of the collection!  I actually ooohhed and ahhhhed when i set eyes on this!  It is THE most stunning sky blue base with pretty small baby pink hex glitter, pink hearts and silver flower shapes.  I adored this so much...beatifulness in a bottle.  Again this is a little on the sheer side so i layered it over NO7 minty fresh.  Perfection.

Now we have Come What May.  For goodness sake this is just beautiful!!  I adore a Gray polish and let me tell you this will be one of my favourite greys ever!!  This is a medium grey with fuchsia glitter and precious hearts in there.  The glitter coverage was fantastic to...and i used no undies for this one...and my pics are only 2 coats!!  Super well done to Maggy as we need more pretty greys in the world and this is defo one of them!!

Moon Kitty is a complex polish which is another that requires no undies..another 2 coater. MK is a deep vibrant purple with holographic glitters in the base, small and medium silver hex glitters, diamond shaped glitters, stars and moons.  My camera had a hard time picking up all the deliciousness going on here.  This really comes alive with a topcoat.  Another winner in my book!

And last but not least is the surprise of the bunch, satine.  This is so much more special on the nail than in the actually took my breath away a bit!  Set in a blackened grayish base is the strongest holo ever! This was enough to make me love it to be honest, it is so much more stronger than my camera can pick up...but trust me its there!  Then Maggy goes and throws in some Holographic diamonds into the mix an turns this polish from a beautiful holo polish to something so much more...its fun and interesting and i bloody love it!!  I also didn't need any undies for this one either!

So there you have it...5 beauties i hope to have shown in the best glory i can with a small camera and not daylight!  You simply must check out daily lacquers here or visit Maggy on FB here. Not only does Maggy make some seriously beautiful polishes she is a truly lovely lady with 1st class customer service!


  1. Come what May was my favorite. I love the grey and then the added pink sparkle.

  2. love the stony effect. reminds me of stone candies.
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