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Friday, 22 February 2013

Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes review

Hey guys, i have been missing in action for the last few little one has been on school holiday half term so i have been hanging out with her as much as i can.  But i am here and all fresh and ready to tell you about some fab little brushes i received from Born Pretty 

I as approached by the lovely Dolly from Born Pretty asking me to review one of their products from their sore.  This is like Disney Land for me, as by now I'm sure you would know...nail art is my thang!  I had so much to choose from, from rhinestone's to polish to stamping!!  But in the end i opted for this cute Little 7 piece nail art brush set.....find them right here artist can ever have enough brushes so i was excited to try them.

They come from China, so i was expecting them to take a long time to arrive but i was pleasantly surprised, they arrived within 2 weeks and come in a little envelope and in plastic wrapping.  The cost for these bad boys is only $5.99....INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!! how cool is that?!  For that price you are getting a steal believe me!  This is what you get within the pack of 7.
used for polka dots...and dotting!

used for detailing, shading etc, great for most nail art

angeled brush, for the more intricate work, works great with most nail art

flat brush...great for one stroke manis and larger paterns and shapes, french tipping and glitters

fine detailing brush....for finer detailing such as flowers etc

angled flat brush...another great use for one stroke manis, stripes and large patterns

fan brush...used for appling and cleaning off glitter...great for muliple sripes

As you can see, you are getting great value for money as these little brushes can aid you in achieving great Little designs, from hearts, flowers, name it, and at a fraction of the price of a nail salon! And here is another reason to rush over to Born Pretty They have very kindly     set me up a coupon code...just for my amazing readers to secure a further 10% off your entire order!    Just enter the below code and wham there you go...a further saving...i know...i am to kind to you guys arnt i! for anything nail related...head over there ladies!

Here is a design i done with these brushes.....god i'm good to you! hehe  

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