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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

FFF..burlesque 3d Pattern nails + step by step tutorial!

Check me out...2 posts in one day...and not just any post but a tutorial to!  Today's challenge for the Flip Flop February is 3d nails.  I chose to do a sexy burlesque design...complete with studs!

I didn't want to take off the beautiful new york vaudeville so i did a design over that...i think this works so the netting design doesn't detract from the softness of the colour underneath...but the black adds that vampy sexy look!

What do you guys like?

I sure do, i think this is super fierce!

And here is my little tutorial on how to achieve such sexiness on your talons!  Enjoy!
here is what i used for the patten..a back striping pen, dotting tool, studs and TC

starting from slightly up the side wall draw a stripe right across the nail to the free edge

repeat  as necessary across the whole nail

next, from where your nail tip is draw another stripe across to the other side of the free edge

repeat...when you are done apply the studs to where the corners join with your dotting tool

and you will end up with this effect! be sure to add a good TC to hold the studs in place and voila there you have it!


  1. LOVE these! And thank you for the tutorial!

  2. Hola!! mm gracias por el tutorial, aunque tengo que dejar que mis uñas crezcan ejje!!!
    Te sigo!!!
    Un besito desde Te invito a que te pases por mi blog a ver si te gusta y también te quedas =D

  3. Oh wow! Mistress Mimi? If I'm really naughty will you beat me with your badass nails, pretty please with studs on top? <3

    1. hehe!!!! i am gonna rock up with my whip in hand my lovely inky!!! you always make me chuckle sweetheart xxx

  4. This is so pretty!! brilliant tutorial x