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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Barry M Spring 2013 Hi Shine Dragon fruit, papaya,greenberry and lychee

We are having a Little Barry M fest tonight arnt we?!  Think of it as my little gift to you this valentines evening.  I am going to show you 4 more beauties Barry M have come up with this season, and ladies let me tell you...these are absolutely stunning....i know i say it a lot but ohhhhh my goodness these are something special!

 I took my pics of the textured ones last night and i was sure nothing was going to top them as i looooved them....but these blow them out of the water!!  These are just a glossy fest of polish loveliness in a classy bottle!  Have i got colours like these...yep i sure do, but i know without a doubt as a polish lover these belong in my treasured collection and will be used more than once (which is fantastic for the likes of me!)  So here we go...reach for that box of choccies and let me show you some polish porn...a la Mimi style, hehe.

Greenberry.  As i write this i sigh...a long loving sigh....GB is AWESOME!!!!  it is a super bright (but not neon) minty green.  You have full lovely coverage in 2 coats and let me tell you, as with all of these they dry so damn glossy you could do without a TC, although for a top coat addict like me,  i had to have some which made them like glass....i swear, look closely and you might see me in my nails taking these pics!

Papaya.  Another beauty.  A lovely soft bright orange which has a kind of cream tone to it...not the best way to describe it but hey ho, that's all i got right now hehe.  Again, this was only 2 coats!!  applied like butter....Barry i love you!!

Dragon fruit.  For goodness sake....yes i know on the surface its just pink right?  yes you are right but this shade of pink is sooooooooo pretty....its girly, its feminine and its everything i love a pink to be.  This is the shade i wished Kingsland Road would have been (the pink textured polish).  Love it and pink lovers you need this one!

Lychee.  I am running out of ways to say i love something.  Lychee is not a colour i would immediately jump to but why that is i don't know, it is beyond special to me.  A surprise it was to see this in this collection but a welcome one.  I love this neutral  tone on me, perfect to use as a canvas to art on (which i did for my valentines design) or perfect to wear alone.  I loved this so much.

I was so impressed with this collection.  Each colour impressed me beyond what i expected them to do.  They all applied beautifully with only 2 coats and levelled out perfectly to give a smooth glossy finish.  I highly recommend them for your 2013 collections even for the seasoned polish addict like me needs them in their life!

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  1. Weirdly I prefer these to the textured ones! (And I love texture!). I must buy Lychee definitely! I'm only just getting into last year's Gellys and they are so gorgeous!