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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Barry M Textured Collection 2013

EEEEEEK!!!!!  I have them!!! I have the whole bloody collection of them!!  I am of course talking about the new collection of Barry M textured polishes.  I saw these swatched a few weeks back and my god i have been waiting for them to work their way onto the shelves!  Well i didn't even wait for them to make it onto the shelves....i got them early!!  After trying out the nails inc textures, which i loved, i couldn't wait to try these. 
I loved this collection very much, they are definitely pastel colours but they take on neon tones to me...they are very bright polishes but are so soft and pretty, they are not 'in your face' bright.  These are perfect for spring and summer.
 In my opinion the Barry M collection are waaaay better than the nails inc ones,  from the price tag, to the colours (with the exception of stonehenge).  I am going to get straight onto the try and cut down on the chatter lol.

Station Road.  Weeell this is the one that caught my eye straight away.  A bright soft wearable yellow with a beautiful shimmer running throughout.  I loved the whole thing about this one, it is super pretty and as i say very wearable.  It was flattering on my skin tone, which usually hates yellows!

Kingsland Road.  This is a really really pale pink polish.  No shimmer in this one (insert sad face here).  I think this is my least favourite of the bunch..i think i would have preferred this to be a shade or two darker.  but never the less it is still pretty.

Atlantic Road.  Yes Yes! this is my favourite of the bunch.  A beautiful baby powder blue, which is just stunning on...i cant say how much i love this one!!

Ridley Road.  A soft minty green colour that is simply stunning.  It is soft, it is flattering and it is one of a kind in my collection!!

Overall i was super impressed with the entire collection of these, my pick is Atlantic Road.  The texture appears as this polish dries and although, yes it is textured it isn't a horrible feel...i actually rather like it!  Also this is supposed to be worn without a base coat...although on the bottle it says you can...its up to you chikkas!
For all the swatches i used 3 coats.  Application one all four of these were effortless and dry time excellent.

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