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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cirque Nail Polish New York Vaudeville and Cape Liz

Hello my beauties, i am back.  I had a lovely day off blogging yesterday but today i am back with a bang.  I am showing you some amazingly pretty polish by the BEAUTIFUL Cirque Polish.  I am uber excited to be reviewing these polishes for the lovely Sally at Sally Magpies.  I cannot tell you how exciting it is to have a shop here in the UK that sells the pretties she does with the likes of Picture Polish, Layla, Hits, Jade and now Cirque for us UK ladies to have easy access to....long may she remain selling us the polish we love!! 

So  i am going to show you New York Vaunderville and Cape Liz today, these popped through my letter box this morning all well packaged...complete with special labelling stating these were 'hazardous'...yep they are certainly hazardous..not to my health but my purse...i already have my beady eye on more of these babies!!  For both of these polishes application was butter off a knife, they just flowed onto my nails and dry time was super.  Coverage was amazing to, they were both a little sheer on first coat which made me think they would be better for layering, but i am happy to say by the 3rd coat i had full and easy coverage on both!!

CAPE LIZ. This polish was screaming my name as soon as i unwrapped loves a blue!  but this isn't just your average blue, it is soft and so very pretty which kind of leans light grey on my nails.  The shimmer is incredible in this to, i only wish i had a super beautiful bright sunny day to show you the sheen!  I  think this is a perfect polish to wear to the office as it s very neutral but has a bit of an edge to make you stand out as far as the softer shades do.  I will most certainly be bringing this out in the spring!

NEW YORK VAUNDERVILLE.  Now then this one utterly surprises me.  I unwrapped this one and thought 'yep its very pretty...but Cape Liz had the edge' (yup just like that hehe!)...then i put it on.  Now here is a shocker....i LOVE LOVE LOVE this one...even more than Cape Liz!  Is this a soft lilac or a soft pink...i couldn't make my mind up at all...i would say it leans more towards lavenderish but with a definite pinky tone to it to.  The shimmer is incredible in this one to, with the shimmer looking golden with a hint of green to it, amazing and very very unique, i own over 500 bottles of polish (at last count ages ago!) and i can tell you i don't own a polish quite like this one!  Again, for a very soft pretty colour this is still super funky enough for compliments on your digits!

As you may have guessed i was highly impressed with these polishes and i thank Sally hugely...not just for sending me these pretties but introducing me to a brand i may have otherwise overlooked...and let me tell you, as an official polish addict that would have been an epic fail!!  So get your bad self over to Sally Magpies and scoop some of these babies up!


  1. These are yummy Mimi , I just received French Roast :D

    1. they are beautiful arnt they joanne! i cant wait to see french roast, it looks amazing...ill be keeping my eyes peeled!! thank you hun xxx

  2. What a gorgeous blue gray polish. I love the shimmer in it.