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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wing Dust Collection p2. cotton candy kisses,fairy blind and crazy on you

Part 2 of the collection of Wing Dust Collection polishes.  I really am excited to be showing you these, i always try my best to be honest in my reviews, even the ones sent to when i tell you these are beautiful polishes, trust me, they are.  So here i go...buckle up cos we have a few pictures to get through hehe.

First up i bring you cotton candy kisses.  Now then, this one is a hard one for me.  When i saw this one in the bottle my heart sank a little..not because it isnt beautiful because it is but it looked quite frosty in the bottle and i don't care to much for that kind of polish.  I always find your nails have to be perfect to get away with frosty polishes, they show up every imperfection.  So i dreaded wearing this one because i like to do the best pics for someone i can.  I can happily report CCK was much easier to apply than i thought it would...i actually ended up loving it!  It is a thin polish so i chose to layer it over an unnamed grey/lilac colour and i loved how it turned out.  CCK is a pale pink with a lavender hue with beautiful fine purple and if im not mistaken light green glitter and a beautiful shimmer running throughout the polish.  This is a beauty of a polish and much lovelier and daintier than my camera was able to capture!

Next we have Fairy Blind.  Lol what a wicked name!!  I just have visions of cute mental fairies flying madly around banging into things...i know, i have a strange mind lol!  Another polish i instantly fell in love with.  It is a mix of beautifulness in a bottle, instantly eye instant winner!  FB is set in a lovely light grayish holo base with ooooodles and oooodles of beautiful blue, green, peachy, pink and lilac pastel hex glitters with small square glitter to.  This is meant to be a layering polish, so i chose to layer it over opi do you lilac it....perfect combination! I only used one coat of this for the shots!  This would look amazing over a black or a navy...i am so trying that!!

And lastly but in no means least is possibly my favourite.  I almost drooled over the bottle...I LOVE BLUE POLISH!  and this my lovelies is right up my street.  In fact i swear stephanie crawled inside my brain and wrote down my idea of a perfect polish and made it just for me...i wish this was named after me!!  Crazy  on you, looks crazy good to me (see what i did there..oh yes not just pretty fingertips my dears lol) COY is a truly complex polish, set in a blue jelly base but let me tell you, this isn't just any blue polish...oh no, this one has a beautiful colour shift to it between blue and purple, this instantly adds more dimension to a stunning polish...thrown in the baby blue hex glitters and hot pink hex glitter, this makes my idea of perfection!  Stephanie, super well done to perfect blue has been born!  I used 3 undies...application...flawless!

Overall these polishes have been everything and more i wanted, my picks are without doubt crazy on you, zambezi sunset and pink about it. I see me owning many more of Stephanies creations, this lady is a genius!

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  1. oh i am drooling over COY.. did i tell you before that i love your nails.. they look healthy and beautiful ...xoxo