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Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'm Back..Cowboys vs Broncos!

Heeeeeeeello!!! crikey this feels weird!  After what seems like a zillion years of going AWOL I am back with you guys! Yay!!

I explained the last time I was on here I have had some personal problems which have led to a bout of depression.  I have since dabbled in a little therapy and have tackled things head on especially this last week. 

I have decided to go back to college and further my nail knowledge so next year I can go mobile and make me some money doing what I adore....buuuuut I have needed to get back on that saddle, so here it is!

I have decided to do some football nails for all you American Football fans for tonight's game, Cowboys vs Broncos.  I will be honest, I know nothing about this sport...only that they have some wicked logos that I have always enjoyed always I hope you like my freehand art here.....not as tidy as I would like but not to bad an effort after my break!

Thank you for every ones kind messages I have gotten, you are awesome followers of mine and I loves every one of ya!  Here's to more manis in the future!!! xxxx