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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nails inc Trafalgar Crecent Galaxy Polish

Hey guys!!  A way to break myself back into this blogging lark is to bring you some stunning polishes....and I bring it in the form of Nails Inc Trafalgar love love this polish!!

Whilst I was having a look at the nails inc polishes whilst at Bluewater recently I spotted the new galaxy collection.  Being somewhat detached from what is new and upcoming at the moment I was excited when I saw these babies as they scream PARTY!  of course I had to have at least 2 of them on the spot....I opted for this one and Westminster Bridge Road, which I will show you later. 

Now then, this is no ordinary silver bling tastic polish...nope!  It is so much more complex a polish that makes me happy I opted for this one.  It takes on white tones in certain lights, blueish in others and full on silver bling!  What makes this polish the most interesting though is the really strong iridescent makes the base colour of this polish appear almost ultra violet to me! 

As for the bling what is in there? well I see a whole array of coloured goodness to make your nails look like disco balls!  There is small hex and larger hex glitters in there and I see soft rainbow colours coming through to.  Formula wise, I will say this is a little thick, I would recommend layering this so you wont have to have as many layers of polish bulking up the nail.  It dried in OK time to.  1 coat of seche vite and my nails were smooth which was good.  Overall I love this polish..i think it is a very unique silver making it a welcome addition to my 700+ collection lol!


  1. My Mistress of Nail Art hath returnith...squeeeeeeeee!!!

    That is a very YOU polish & looks fab. <3

    1. awwwww hello my bootiful inky!!! I am back and this time for keeps my lovely friend! glad you like the polish, its a knockout in the flesh!! xxxx