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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pure 18k white gold and silver top coat Mariah Carey over Chanel Azure

Hey my lovelies!  So here I am feeling a little bored so I thought I would swatch the geourgous Pure by Mariah Carey...her creation with OPI brings you a very special that infuses real 18k gold and silver in a beautiful leaf effect. 

Those that remember the awesome Skyfall film last year will know OPI released a whole host of polishes relating to Bond movies, and came up with the man with a golden gun....another gold topcoat.  That release saw the polish community go mad, I am not much of  gold lover but the polish addict in me HAD to own it, just because.  This one is along the same lines....I wouldn't wear it all of the time but I am glad I own it just because, A, I LOVE Mariah and B,....its real gold baby!!!

Now the business side of things.  Man its expensive! These are selling at almost £30 (plus VAT) in Sallys....that's one pricey polish, and it tells you something about my obsession that I am willing to pay that just because I feel I need it in my collection!  I decided to layer this over Chanel Azure.  Whilst I love the combination of the 2 together...or should I say, the idea of the 2 together...I don't know if they complimented each other in the best light.

Azure is a polish worthy of awards on its own basis, it is stunning and one of my fave polishes this is bright, beautiful and everything Mimi loves.  Check out my post on it here .  With this topcoat on I felt this dulled azure.  It wasn't the leaves...they looked so pretty and very Christmassy together....I think it was the actually base colour of the topcoat that did it no favours.

In certain lights it added a yellowish tinge to the polish....hmmmm I don't know if it is just me seeing things or the lighting, I'm not sure.  I will be defo swatching a few more colours to see if it does indeed have a yellowish base to it instead of clear, as I believed it would be.

That said, I do love it.  Can I see a clear difference in the silver and gold flakes? not really to be honest....I properly could if I looked really hard but on face value the flakes arnt distinctly different immediately. 

Dry time was excellent and dried very very smooth.  It applied beautifully and top marks there.  So I'm guessing people will either be falling over to have this or pass because the price is so high.  I am glad I own it and I'm looking forward to using it nearer to Christmas as I think it is perfect for the holiday season.


  1. I like the silverflakes much better than the gold ones.

  2. Hello it does indeed have a yellowish base but i love it over azure. At least in your pics.

  3. There is actually a yellow tint in the base. Over turquoise it turned green. Over blue it turned turquoise. Looks pretty in your pics