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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Update on progress of course plus Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine at its best!

Hey my lovelies!!  So I thought I would drop by and give you all an update on my nail course I am doing, the highs and lows and in between.! 

We are now over half way through the course and I have to say I am quite sad at the thought of it ending, I have made some awesome friends there which I am hoping we all stay in touch when It does come to a close.  That's been the first check that I can tick off my list, as man I need to get myself a social circle!!!   Our tutor is lovely to, very warm and welcoming and has taught me much more than I expected at this stage.

My next thing I need to check off my list, turns out to be my biggest Nemesis....even bigger than acrylic itself as it turns out....MYSELF!!! doing this course has made me realise I really am my own worst I need to man up.....I find fault in EVERYTHING I do, to the point I am pointing it out to others, convinced they can see what I see, which I am told they cant!  It is so tough to have such a negative take on what you're doing.  I want everything to be perfection...NOW, which of course isn't possible when you are learning an art, which I firmly believe this is.  Even when I have the acrylic on I am obsessing if it is going to stay put, and when I hear my client has lost a nail.....well I may as well flush my own head down the toilet and stick 'I am with stupid' notes on my own forehead! So, how do I break a habit I have gotten myself into?? right now I am unsure of that answer TBH....answers on a postcard please?!   I am working on not being so hard on myself...I WILL get there I promise!
top pictures are partial tipped clear acrylic overlay.  Bottom nails are Picture Polish Aphrodisiac and Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine

So I thought I would show you guys a set of nails I did only yesterday and for once I was relatively happy with them.  I have to say the polish combo I chose for my model was a testament to my knowledge of colours that suit tones and such, this looked STUNNING on my client in the flesh, no camera would be able to capture the beauty of this as it looks in the flesh...For the base I used Picture Polish Aphrodisiac and to top it off I used Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine....amazing combo, amazing hand model=one semi(ish) happy Mimi! 

Stay tuned because I have  some wicked stuff coming up, including a cult nails classic!  stay happy chikkas lots of love xxxxx


  1. Hi I have tagged you in the I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here! check it out!

    1. im so sorry I haven't done this yet, I have been utterly snowed under and have been behind with doing it, I promise you I will get down to it very soon my sweet xxxx

  2. Dahling, life is about improvement, not perfection! There is no true perfection cuz everything has a flaw if you looking for one. So enjoy learning new things, do the best you can (no matter how crappy you may feel at the time) & cut yourself some slack...and keep in mind that I don't worship losers, my beautiful Mistress! <3

    1. you are as ever a total sweetheart to me inky and whilst I will continue to occasionally slap my forehead in annoyance with myself I will keep your lovely words at the front of my mind ;) xxxx