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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

31 Day 29 inspired by a blogger 101 dalmatians

The end is nigh my dear friends..we are now onto day 29 and i am genuinely sad this challenge is coming to a close...i suppose i should quit at the end of this challenge but i love them so much i am taking part in a February one to.  I love these challenges because they allow so much scope to try things you never thought you could do or ever would do.

Todays challenge is to be inspired by a fellow blogger.  Now let me say this straight away, i found this incredibly hard as i follow many amazing bloggers out there, i am inspired by each and everyone i follow so i feel super mean only picking one.  I have decided to recreate this mani by Kristine at Pink and Polished.  

She did this a few days ago now and i just had to tell her how fab i thought it was...also that i wanted to join in her Disney Days challenge to lol (i know..i just cant stop lol).  Her version (and much better!) can be seen here.  I am blown away by her manicure and was so excited i could do one of my own.

I am a huge dog fan...i love them so much and this remains one of my fave Disney films....i wish i could keep this mani on for ages but another challenge awaits me.  Thank you to the lovely and talented Kristine for inspiring me to try this as i never thought i could have done it..who would have know Mimi can!  xxxx


  1. Your dalmatiƫrs look great! I love it, great job.xx

  2. Miss K will LOVE this! You did a fantabulous job of it Dahling. <3 <3 <3