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Friday, 18 January 2013

31 day 18..oldest untried Event Horizon Nerd Lacquer

Blimey its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here in the UK...we have been promised shed loads of snow....which so far hasn't happened at the time of writing this...i hope you guys are warm and toasty tonight (and yes i am warmish now i have heating...yay!).  Today we are onto day 18 of our 31 day i cant believe how fast it has gone!!

Today we are doing 'your oldest untried'  and gosh this got me thinking....i buy polish like its going out of fashion....its impossible for me to know my true oldest untried is. 

So I'm looking through my stash and i come across my Nerd Lacquer Event Horizon.  I bought this in a blog sale from the lovely Debbie Crumpet agggges ago and would you believe it i have never even tried it....Mimi not trying the elusive Nerd Lacquer..slap me now!!

Event Horizon is it green? is it blue? I'm not sure so I'm going to go somewhere between the both...tealish with a blackened base.  This polish is so complex with all the glitters going on there are small and medium blue hex glitter, micro holographic glitter, dazzling blue micro glitter and silver iridescent glitter.

This applied beautifully for me, not to thick or thin with awesome coverage...3 coats and're good to go.  I am so glad today's challenge was to try an untried...this will not be sitting in the dark again....roll on Nerd Lacquers return...i cant wait to own more!