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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nails inc Concrete Marble Arch and Stonehenge

Hello lovelies.  I have a bumper few posts tonight with some great things coming up..stay tuned.  Right now though i am showing  you the new nails inc concrete red and blue.  I don't really know where to start with these i love them or hate them....i just don't know.  When i was applying them with both i didn't care to much for the application of them, the coverage was great on both of i have come to expect from the epic nails inc.  I think it was the 'grit' in the polish that proved a little pesky as it would make the end of my nails look bumpy....a tip is to tuck the polish under the nail and it kind of sorts the problem biggie really.  I also didn't like the brushes as much....don't know if i just had a duff batch but the brushes seemed a little uneven?......still i worked with it.

The concrete collection is made obviously to look like concrete (dah!) looks like there are tiny bits of grit in the polish making the surface uneven...its a really interesting texture to see and touch....Ive defo not seen anything quite like these good news no dupes!  What makes these so interesting is the finish...are they matte?......yes are they shiny?...yep, it looks as though the base is shiny (but not sull on shine f you know what i mean) and the grit is matte

So here is Stonehenge...a really rich Bright cobalt blue....very Baker Street esque which is brilliant as Baker Street will be up there always as one of my go to blues.  The colour is simply amazing and much nicer than my camera captured.

And here is marble arch....a stunning bright red with a hint of an orange undertone.  Again the colour is magnificent, nails inc really know how to produce some knock out colours that are hot either for summer/spring/autumn and winter. 

So i am still on the fence really, i think i would like to give these another shot at being on my nails for more than a swatch worth...just t see if i fall ass over face in love.


  1. hi sweetie....they are easy peasy to remove hun xxx

  2. I have been lemming these for ages! Let me know if you ever decide to part with them!

    1. i absolutely will do kerrie....where are you from hun? i could lay my hands on more if you wanted me to send you some? xxxx

  3. I wonder if top coat would lessen the grittiness but allow the visual texture to remain. Makes me think of the texture of mending a nail before buffing! Da jury is still out on this...<3